Amazon Summer Faves

Some things I’ve purchased on Amazon recently that I’m loving . . .

This easy, wearable on any day for any event button front dress…

Some of Vivienne’s recent outfits, check out my “Baby / Toddler” highlight <3

Sun block / sun care / all things sun protection!

So many more great things in my Amazon shop!

Vivienne’s 2nd Farmer’s Market Birthday Party

My little baby girl is 2 !!!! – I cannot believe I have a 2 year old – time flies so fast!!

We have only ever known a birthday during Covid times for Vivienne’s 2 years here, so they’ve been slightly different than I would have originally anticipated, but equally as great!

I came across a really cute birthday party idea via this blog and put my own girly, pink spin on it to celebrate for Vivi. I’m obsessed with how everything turned out.

Ordered some beautiful custom balloons from PopFestCo that Vivi is still enjoying several days later! PopFestCo is LA-based and have their own Etsy shop where you can order balloon kits for your own party if you’re in New York like us! I ordered from there 🙂 Also ordered a balloon inflation kit from Amazon which is absolutely necessary for blowing up your own balloons. Balloon price talk — (are people interested in this?) I spent ~$99 on PopFestCo balloons to DIY (much less than what I paid for last year’s balloons (about $400)). Pro / Con List for these balloons: Pro: more affordable, I got the exact colors I wanted // Con: my DIY balloon arches deflated quicker / I had to do all the work opposed to having everything set up for me / raw fingers. I’m sort of on the fence about if I’d DIY again or hire in.

I ordered these buffalo check tablecloths from Amazon. Ordered wholesale peonies and wholesale white hydrangeas from Sam’s Club. Got 2 dozen hot pink roses at Costco for $16!! Love that place (also get anxiety there, but still love it)!

Beverages included: Hampton Water Rose, Spindrift, Montauk Brewing Company Summer Ale, The Honest Company Juice Boxes

Food included: Farmer’s Market!! Charcuterie board, vegetable crudite, fresh fruit platter and farmer’s market sandwiches from Bellport Country Club (my favorite!); Once Upon A Farm pouches for kids, homemade potato salad that my mom made, cupcakes and cookies from Treats by Allie (these were so great, everyone loved both aesthetics & taste!). Dessert is my favorite part!

Vivi had the BEST TIME. She loves saying “happy” which means the “happy birthday song” and she did a great job of blowing out her candles after a lot of singing and practicing. She is extremely independent and loves to do everything on her own.

More celebrations to come – we have so much to celebrate in life. <3

More details:

My dress: Na-kd Belted Slip Dress
Vivienne’s dress: Zara Kids (currently on sale) this will go out but Zara Kids always has super cute neutral dresses and outfits
Sign: A Marketing
Balloons: PopFestCo
Food: Bellport Country Club
Photography: Ted Wolmers

Empties – June 2021

Empties is my series of beauty and wellness products that I’ve finished recently and my reviews on them. Watch my IGTV below and shop any of these products in the carousel linked.

This is what was finished in June 2021:

Necessaire The Body Exfoliator in Eucalyptus // Glossier Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream // Tata Harper Hydrating Face Mist // Glossier Boy Brow // Green Foods Corp Matcha Powder

Shop via my links below! All of these links are affiliate, meaning I earn a small commission if you shop with me. I love sharing my reviews so please consider supporting me if you’re shopping these products anyway! <3

Parade Bralettes & Underwear

Parade launched bralettes (my favorite!) this past month and I finally have gotten my hands on a few colors and I absolutely love them!!!

Parade definitely got it right with this new product! The bralettes are made out of an extremely soft material and feel super comfortable, just like the matching underwear. I’m obsessed with the fit! I’m wearing size Small in the top and size Large in the bottoms because I like my bottoms very roomy!! I also have a size Medium and those work well for me too.

LOL @ this weird tan line from hot sun in Palm Springs!

If you’re interested in shopping with Parade, use this link for 20% off your order over $40.

Code: ashley-b4 at checkout.

Love the mesh detailing as well! No underwire and it’s not needed. Very supportive and keeps you in.

Big fan of these! I’ve been on a quest to find great basics for undergarments and I’m extremely happy with Parade. Parade’s line is extremely inclusive goes from sizes: XS to 3XL and extended bralette sizes through size F.

These pics are no makeup, no edits, no filters. It’s kind of Parade’s thing, and it’s also my thing, and it’s also much easier than editing anything 🙂

Shop using my link for a discount!

The Rockaway Hotel

Did a staycation at The Rockaway Hotel in Rockaway Beach, Queens, NYC in late March 2021 and it was the perfect escape! Just outside of NYC (but technically still part of NYC) in Queens with surrounding views of the Atlantic Ocean on the South side and Jamaica Bay on the North side of the hotel. There is a pool, which I assume will be beautiful in summer months (it was empty and closed on March 20th weekend).

The rooftop restaurant and bar was so chic, had live music and a really fun vibe! Food was great too!

Decor in the lobby of the hotel – they had the fire going all weekend and the couches were comfortable. Coffee in the morning and water throughout the day too 🙂

The vibe of this hotel is beachy, bohemian, chic and welcoming. Made me feel like I was at a chic hotel in Montauk or even Miami. Definitely did not have NYC vibes. Ironic because everywhere was so close (approx 40 mins driving to lower Manhattan) but about 15-25 minutes drive to Brooklyn, depending on what area you head to.

Saturday I headed to Brooklyn (Williamsburg area) to walk around and shop at some vintage shops & grab coffee at Butler (pictured below) Also headed to Industry City on my way back to Rockaway to look at my favorite hat shop, Teressa Foglia.

Checked out Rockaway Brewing Company (quick 5 minute drive from the hotel). It was an indoor/outdoor space, family friendly and had a food truck and some music. I enjoyed a NE style IPA 🙂

Rockaway Coffee Roasters was a great spot for me on Sunday morning – had a great coffee menu and lots of healthy options. Ordered a cappuccino & a green juice to start the day off right.

Lastly I went for a walk on the boardwalk and found some cool street art.

Check out my Reels / TikTok of the weekend here!

Empties: May 2021

Shop my empties! Empties are products that I liked enough to finish the whole way and that I would recommend for you to try!

If you have specific questions about products and how they will interact with your skin type, send me a message. I’m happy to help navigate! (I’m in esthetician school currently, and taking another advanced course on ingredients!)

My reviews:

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich – love this product – super nourishing, a rich cream that’s great for evening and sometimes daytime if your skin needs a boost. Great for winter and all year!

Glossier You – Sample Size: I love this scent. It’s adaptable and smells great on many people – one of my go-to’s! Used this mini during a weekend away in Palm Springs.

Marvis Toothpaste – another mini used during my weekend away – I like the flavor on this a lot! Chic

Tan Luxe The Body – This is my favorite self tanning product for the body. I love these drops. You mix a few in with whatever moisturizer that you’re using and voila. Perfect color! I love the light/medium tone, you can use it every couple of days to keep your tan looking fresh. Highly recommend!

Highline Wellness – finished the daytime cbd + b12 gummies they’re amazing!!! I have a link if you’re interested in checking them out!

Riddle Oil Serum – loving this product, will definitely be trying out their fragrances too!

Send me a message with any questions! Thanks for following along.

Glossier Concentrated Cleanser Test & Review

Testing and reviewing the *NEW* Glossier Concentrated Cleanser.

A highly concentrated cleanser that exfoliates, clarifies, and re-energizes skin in 60 seconds.

At first look, the color reminds me of the Neutrogena face and body wash from many moons ago. So there’s that. But seriously, this is a product that does a LOT more than that old school amber-colored cleanser of the past. I’ve been using it for about 1.5 weeks and I’m enjoying it. I’m liking the gentle exfoliators and how soft it makes my skin.

Check out a Reel on Instagram that I created below…


Below is some info directly from Glossier’s website so you can check out what Concentrated Cleanser actually does as well as its ingredients.


Remember to shop with me on at – here you can get 10% off your first order and free shipping!

e.l.f. xx Jen Atkin Makeup Collab

This e.l.f. xx Jen Atkin collab is a really fun way to create everyday beautiful looks at really amazing price point!! Every item is under $20 and I’m a big fan of that!

Shop products I used to create this look in the carousel below!

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Shop My Empties: Beauty Reviews

Beauty products that I finished during this past month. Shop the products below!

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