when life gives you lemons, LOUBOUTIN. DUH.

After dealing with a quite eventful week – I’m using the word “eventful” because the adjectives I would really like to use would take up this entire post.

Lesson Learned: Start telling people exactly what you I want and what you I expect, instead of expecting people to know what I want, need and deserve. People are dumber than they’re given credit.

There is nothing on this world that I value more than honestly & loyalty. Biggest things. Ever. Anyone who is a very close friend of mine knows that I am very strong minded in this subject sense. AKA – DON’T FUCK WITH ME BRO! Honesty is the best policy for me – sounds cliche but it’s so TRUE. During times when people that shouldn’t be in your life at all but somehow slipped through the cracks and are there, act disloyal or dishonest or hysterically slutty, is when you begin to sit back.

You laugh, a lot. You sometimes cry, a little. You mostly die on the inside. You don’t eat, you try to vomit unsuccessfully, you eat Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked, or if you’re me, you eat So Delicious Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Yum, NOT!

You find your Soul. – AKA go to SoulCycle & sweat it out on a bike. That shit relieves every sense of tension known to man. You don’t get mad because you don’t deserve to be mad. Being mad creates wrinkles & frown lines which are nowhere near as chic as smile lines. You don’t get sad because although sadness is completely normal, you should be relieved. You should be happy. Because you just overturned your life and you’re airing out. You let go of the stinky shit. You hold on to what makes you happy. You let yourself do whatever you want. And get whatever you want.

Enter 2 GORGEOUS pairs of Christian Louboutin’s. Live was giving you lemons – you open up your Christmas presents. And you smile. And you keep smiling. And you laugh. And your fears leave you. And the pit in your stomach resolves itself. And you come to the realization that you’re 25 years old. And you’re doing it. And you’re making it. And that’s a lot more than most of the people you’re comparing yourself to have to say. And you shouldn’t compare. You should just live. And nobody cares. Until somebody does. That’s your real friend. Enjoy those people. They rule.


The last time my relationship malfunctioned, I bought a Gucci bag. And the time before that, Chanel sunglasses. My wardrobe thanks the haters & heart breakers. 🙂

chanel vs hm

Not that I don’t like h&m. I do – I really do – but that’s the problem. I should not, figuratively speaking.


and proceed along.


and continue to proceed along. with Moet & Chandon.




Quality VERSUS Quantity. Get much less, way BETTER shit.

#QuarterLifeCrisis – I’m going to be a very lonely person with a lot of really nice shit.

“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”  – William A. Foster 

When I try to explain to people how I can go ahead and spend  $49.00 plus tax for a lipstick, they are typically shocked and/or appalled by my behavior. But, what they don’t know is that it’s made by Tom Ford. C’mon. American designer, Tom Ford’s beauty line is beyond amazing. Nude Vanille is to die for. It is the PERFECT shade of nude. I’m telling you – try it – you will NOT be sorry. And if you absolutely hate it – go to the beauty counter and return it. Because it’s good shit – if you’re really that disappointed and really that sad that you spent your $49 on it, they take that AMAZING shit back.


“Rare and exotic ingredients including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application. Specially treated color pigments are blended to deliver pure color with just the right balance of luminosity.”

I am 100% the type of person who would rather have very few items that are absolutely amazing and that I am obsessed with than have about 32 items that are just OK and I wouldn’t mind if I never saw it again and HECK, I probably already lost it and don’t even recall where.

This post sounds pretentious. I should start over. 

My name is Ashley and I’m a really authentic person. I like to stay true and authentic to how I feel, what I believe in and what I want. I love myself and my choices. I love nice things. I would rather have nice shit than shitty shit. If the general public becomes obsessed about something, I’m already over it. So when I’m all alone for my mid-life crisis, at least my lipstick will be fucking awesome. 

Holiday Party Nails

Essie Nail Polish. Enough said. Great product, outstanding colors with great coverage. There are definitely colors that are in season at any time of the year and then there are colors that are extremely specific to certain times of the year/day/life. (Will go on a rant about this eventually). I was at my nail salon on Monday and came across possibly the BEST option ever for Holiday Party Nails

Now I’m not typically a sparkle nail polish girl – I’m not even a shimmer nail polish girl. I like straight glossy color. Done and done. Going in with expectations of doing a gold colored nail polish, I found Essie’s Hors d’oeuvres. I decided to layer this on top of a neutral gold color by OPI that I don’t even remember the name of now. Hors d’oeuvres is great because it is multidimensional. Has basically a gold/champagne speckled undertone with silver glitter that sits on top. So you’re getting gold/champagne/silver all in one polish. 


This polish is over the top for my typical liking, however it was perfect for my holiday party last night. Or something else that’s fun like New Year’s Eve! I wore it with a black Skinny Skinny Ankle Jeans & an Olive Outbound Blazer both from Madewell all day. 



Transitioned over to nighttime pretty well – being that the party was super casual at the Converse store in Soho. SoulCycle is awesome and had all employees make their own custom Converse (post to follow)! The holiday party was such a blast too – full of plenty of fun treats, photobooth, dance party, lots of champagne (too much!) and sneakers! 





…ending in a huge table of Baked by Melissa cupcakes spelling out “soul” & Forty Carrots Frozen Yogurt. YUM!  


Packed Party!

Packed Party!

The best idea, EVER!

Naturally, after seeing an Instagram post about this website, I had to check it out and order one for myself. Packed Party is a company that sends out cute little care packages for different special occasions. You can send packages to friends on her birthday, if you miss her, after a break-up, or just to treat her to a nice little thing!

I ordered the “You Pampered Thing, You” which is a spa-themed package. It shipped the next day and I had it right away. Even the blue box that it’s shipped in is adorable.


 Inside my Packed Party there was a cute little personalized note!


& the following items: 


Ice Cream Shower Cap, A! Absolute! Cucumber Cooling Eye Pad, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn beeswax Lip Balms, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Organic Make-Up Remover & Hand Shit Hand Cream


Honestly, who DOESN’T like to receive packages? Great concept! A+

Tiffany’s Blue Nike Free 5.0’s Decked in Swarovski Crystals

#DIY Alert!


Hopefully I can really WOW all of you as I pretend to be a DIY-er. I said pretend because, DIY is not my style. Typically I’m that girl who goes out/stays in to buy anything & everything that I want or see. I search the internet, blogs and websites high and low to find whatever it is that I may be looking for aka “the next big thing.” And then I order it from some specifically obscure website that nobody has ever heard of for an undisclosed amount of money #$. And then it arrives on my doorstep in 3-5 business days with no questions asked. I’m left with the most amazing item that everybody covets yet it’s completely impossible to find.

While browsing through Pinterest a few weeks back, I found a photo of an amazing pair of the perfect shade of blue-green Nike Free 5.0’s. The Nike checks were covered in Swarovski crystals and they looked ah-mazingggg! Determined to find these gorgeous sneakers, I began my Google search. After stalking out a random mix of bloggers, I found them on an active wear website. But to my dismay – no crystals.

Don’t get me wrong, the sneakers alone are just gorgeous. Completely stunning color, a true to size fit with great comfort. At this point, I knew it would be time to DIY these bad boys. What cannot be found in stores – can & will be found somewhere. The Swarovski crystals or a similar type can be found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts or any craft store. To get the crystals to stick to the sneakers, I used E6000 glue. I squeezed the glue onto a paper plate and used toothpicks to outline the Nike check. Working slowly and tediously, placed each crystal on the check from point to swoop row by row. I used a pair of needle-nose pliers however other bead-stick tools or your own fingers work just as well. I selected 3 different sized crystals to add some contrast. 


These sneakers will be worn for basically anything BESIDES running or working out –that’s probably a sin to some. My gorgeous babies are just for show. I’ve worn them a few times already with great luck – none of the crystals have fallen off yet!