Packed Party!

Packed Party!

The best idea, EVER!

Naturally, after seeing an Instagram post about this website, I had to check it out and order one for myself. Packed Party is a company that sends out cute little care packages for different special occasions. You can send packages to friends on her birthday, if you miss her, after a break-up, or just to treat her to a nice little thing!

I ordered the “You Pampered Thing, You” which is a spa-themed package. It shipped the next day and I had it right away. Even the blue box that it’s shipped in is adorable.


 Inside my Packed Party there was a cute little personalized note!


& the following items: 


Ice Cream Shower Cap, A! Absolute! Cucumber Cooling Eye Pad, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn beeswax Lip Balms, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Organic Make-Up Remover & Hand Shit Hand Cream


Honestly, who DOESN’T like to receive packages? Great concept! A+

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