Tiffany’s Blue Nike Free 5.0’s Decked in Swarovski Crystals

#DIY Alert!


Hopefully I can really WOW all of you as I pretend to be a DIY-er. I said pretend because, DIY is not my style. Typically I’m that girl who goes out/stays in to buy anything & everything that I want or see. I search the internet, blogs and websites high and low to find whatever it is that I may be looking for aka “the next big thing.” And then I order it from some specifically obscure website that nobody has ever heard of for an undisclosed amount of money #$. And then it arrives on my doorstep in 3-5 business days with no questions asked. I’m left with the most amazing item that everybody covets yet it’s completely impossible to find.

While browsing through Pinterest a few weeks back, I found a photo of an amazing pair of the perfect shade of blue-green Nike Free 5.0’s. The Nike checks were covered in Swarovski crystals and they looked ah-mazingggg! Determined to find these gorgeous sneakers, I began my Google search. After stalking out a random mix of bloggers, I found them on an active wear website. But to my dismay – no crystals.

Don’t get me wrong, the sneakers alone are just gorgeous. Completely stunning color, a true to size fit with great comfort. At this point, I knew it would be time to DIY these bad boys. What cannot be found in stores – can & will be found somewhere. The Swarovski crystals or a similar type can be found at Michael’s Arts & Crafts or any craft store. To get the crystals to stick to the sneakers, I used E6000 glue. I squeezed the glue onto a paper plate and used toothpicks to outline the Nike check. Working slowly and tediously, placed each crystal on the check from point to swoop row by row. I used a pair of needle-nose pliers however other bead-stick tools or your own fingers work just as well. I selected 3 different sized crystals to add some contrast. 


These sneakers will be worn for basically anything BESIDES running or working out –that’s probably a sin to some. My gorgeous babies are just for show. I’ve worn them a few times already with great luck – none of the crystals have fallen off yet! 

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