when life gives you lemons, LOUBOUTIN. DUH.

After dealing with a quite eventful week – I’m using the word “eventful” because the adjectives I would really like to use would take up this entire post.

Lesson Learned: Start telling people exactly what you I want and what you I expect, instead of expecting people to know what I want, need and deserve. People are dumber than they’re given credit.

There is nothing on this world that I value more than honestly & loyalty. Biggest things. Ever. Anyone who is a very close friend of mine knows that I am very strong minded in this subject sense. AKA – DON’T FUCK WITH ME BRO! Honesty is the best policy for me – sounds cliche but it’s so TRUE. During times when people that shouldn’t be in your life at all but somehow slipped through the cracks and are there, act disloyal or dishonest or hysterically slutty, is when you begin to sit back.

You laugh, a lot. You sometimes cry, a little. You mostly die on the inside. You don’t eat, you try to vomit unsuccessfully, you eat Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked, or if you’re me, you eat So Delicious Mint Chip Coconut Milk Ice Cream. Yum, NOT!

You find your Soul. – AKA go to SoulCycle & sweat it out on a bike. That shit relieves every sense of tension known to man. You don’t get mad because you don’t deserve to be mad. Being mad creates wrinkles & frown lines which are nowhere near as chic as smile lines. You don’t get sad because although sadness is completely normal, you should be relieved. You should be happy. Because you just overturned your life and you’re airing out. You let go of the stinky shit. You hold on to what makes you happy. You let yourself do whatever you want. And get whatever you want.

Enter 2 GORGEOUS pairs of Christian Louboutin’s. Live was giving you lemons – you open up your Christmas presents. And you smile. And you keep smiling. And you laugh. And your fears leave you. And the pit in your stomach resolves itself. And you come to the realization that you’re 25 years old. And you’re doing it. And you’re making it. And that’s a lot more than most of the people you’re comparing yourself to have to say. And you shouldn’t compare. You should just live. And nobody cares. Until somebody does. That’s your real friend. Enjoy those people. They rule.


The last time my relationship malfunctioned, I bought a Gucci bag. And the time before that, Chanel sunglasses. My wardrobe thanks the haters & heart breakers. 🙂

chanel vs hm

Not that I don’t like h&m. I do – I really do – but that’s the problem. I should not, figuratively speaking.


and proceed along.


and continue to proceed along. with Moet & Chandon.




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