Red lips are so loud. Like…mountain moving. OK, dramatic BUT they are! They do everything for you, & you don’t have to do a thing. Perfect – win/win.

Chanel red lips. Are everything. Chanel Rouge Allure in Passion #104 is my ultimate favorite. Wear with Chanel Lip Definer in #57 – Rouge Profond. This color is a blue red that is bright and perfect for a party night out because WTF else are you doing?! Another amazing Chanel lip color is iconic & you guessed it, another Rouge Allure in Pirate #99. Chanel post, check the video – she’s adorable & explains all the colors so I don’t have to because that’s boring.


Red lips command a room. Boom look at me.

TRY THIS: Wear a fucking sheet next time you go out (a plain one, because please) and put on a fire red #99 or blue red #104 lipstick. Bold. Not sparkly. People will fucking flock toward you and probably ask who designed that fabulous fucking sheet dress that you literally removed from your bed 45 minutes before. Because red lips change EVERYTHING. And you smile. And you “squinch” a little for photos. INSERT “squinch” definition: Please view Random ABC news post featuring Peter Hurley which is somehow relevant for looking “better” in photos. Red lips are tried and true. Also, very intimidating.

You can literally wear no makeup at all. Add red lips. You’re a fucking goddess.


See the goddess there? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I die.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means an everyday red lipstick wearer. Daytime is meant for lip gloss, CHANEL LÈVRES SCINTILLANTES (slight shimmer is fabulous) Eden & #166 Amour are my favorites & Tom Ford Nude Vanille. I would practically scream if I saw a betch attempting to rock red lips to class (the horror!) or to a daytime “nothing” event. Color is fine – red is not really…The red lip is not strictly evening, but should almost be strictly evening.

Red lip also acts as a pick me up! Or oh, my outfit is a little boring so I need help. Red lips are the answer. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing. Rocking outfit?… Maybe definitely understate your makeup. Good or even great outfit, add red lips to transform your look into a rockin’ outfit. Easy right? Hardly makes sense, but if you know – you just know. I would be beyond displeased if you tell me you can’t “pull it off” because… you better not just be “pulling it off,” you’re owning it. Hard. You be the red lips. You are the red lips. Head turning. It will work, I’m telling you. Try it. You won’t be sorry you did.

Always blot. & check your teeth because gross.

also – never apply lipstick in a moving cab unless you do it with a very precise hand/have concealer for fuck ups. see below:


*Hot pink for daytime – so chic. Chanel Rouge Allure #93 Exaltee with Chanel Lip Definer #55 – Fuscia. It rules. Blurry pic but you guys get it.


Clearly, I’m obsessed with lips. You’re welcome for all the lipstick selfies.  Get your lipstick game up, betches! & OWN IT. Thank me later. xxx

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