Sneaker obsession is in effect, yet again. More like footwear obsession. Shopping obsession? Nailed it.

A few weeks ago I posted about SoulCycle‘s holiday party and how it was full of laughs, wine, cupcakes & one of my personal favorites- sneakers!! It took place at Converse in Soho and we designed our very own Chuck’s. The concept is simple, which I love. This really got me thinking about throwbacks. Just in time for #TBT.

Who remembers how cool it was to write on your Converse’s when you were in middle school/early high school? I’m using the term cool loosely, but you guys get it. A little #TBT action for ya.

rainbow converse

Those are pretty epic rainbow Cons – just sayin’. A friend of mine makes custom painted Converse that are siccckkkkk, check out her website… Rachael Nimon.

Keeping the creativity flowing, I customized my bright blue high top Converse with the SoulCycle wheel & feathers. Totally not my style and very bright! Bringing me back to my colorful roots instead of my typical black, black, black. Being that they were a gift, I didn’t want to go with something basic – because although neutrals are my bread & butter – they’re BASIC. Which I am not. Welcome to my far-from-basic Converse sneakers.

chucks1 chucks8

chucks5 chucks4 chucks3

fly free – great life motto. Feathers went well with it – I don’t even really like feathers. Or birds, they freak me out. Byrd/bird/feather/fly/free. & FYI decorating your chucks are still cool even if you’re not a punk rocker or emo kid.

More snarky posts to come – I mean, Valentine’s Day is coming up and all.




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