I’ve been on a frightening graphic tee binge lately.

I know – don’t judge. It’s real bad. & this is a photo diary. I guess about NOW is when you can start judging.

Like – $85 for this one on PRIVATE PARTY… but I mean – how necessary?!

& Beyonce.

photo 7

and from Nala LA

It's All Good Baby Baby
It’s All Good Baby Baby

& major vibes below…

photo 1
No Vibes Killed Ever



yeah, don’t kill it!

photo 4

and… yup.

photo 2

…because it will.

photo photo 8

dying laughing during my “shit happens” photo shoot equipped with heeled Jordan’s.

when I say photo shoot, that naturally means my best friend taking pictures of me.

Photo Booth Action

& graphic tees just continue on.

photo 4

Miami Heat


Vintage ACDC tee repurposed.


Vintage Bob.


Brian Lichtenberg


Morning Warrior

photo 5

Bridesmaids LOL


And I’m eating at the beat like you gave a little speed to a great white shark on #sharkweek, RAHHH!

photo 6

& i’ll even do a graphic airbrushed ghetto snapback. graphically, of course.


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