Look Ratchet, Get More Attention.

Has anybody had the feeling that they’re being watched? Have you gotten an unexpected reaction from people based on your appearance? After years of personal research from my experiences and those of others…I will say that people approach me more and are friendlier and nicer when I have more flaws.

When I’m exhausted and hungover and look like shit, more people will talk to me. If I look well and put together, less people will talk to me. I’m not talking about like going to an event or a particular function or interview, where you should def dress the hell up. BUT — when you’re at your absolute worst you def get more reaction.

I’m at Boston Logan Airport for a 6:30AM flight last Friday, my appearance resembles that of dog shit, I’m hardly awake, running late for my flight and waiting to go through security. It’s one of those – I need sunglasses on to hide my face and it’s not even sunny out – mornings. I’m with my best friend (who’s gorgeous) – but again, we are both looking rather ratchet. When we first started talking about this subject, we were shocked. Later on – we realized that this is blatantly OBVIOUS for a betch. More people chatted us up on this particularly ratchet looking morning, then we’re ever usually chatted up on any given day.

TSA Agent: “Hey – how ya doing this morning? Ya don’t look so happy!”
Us: “Hungover!” / “Drank too much wine last night!”
TSA Agent: “Oh hahahaha well ya better finish up those drinks before you go through security – can’t bring em with ya!”
Us: Laughing. “Thanks!”
TSA Agent (same guy, later on to another TSA Agent): “Watch out. These 2 are hungover and they’re coming through! Much happier than before!!”

OK – besides the fact that the exchange wasn’t funny at all – thanks for being nice to us! Thanks for joking around with us – it made us happy! 🙂  That’s the whole point – people are much nicer to you if you’re a little bit off your game. If your guard is down and you’re looking ratchet as all hell, expect nice things to come your way. It’s all about PAYING IT FORWARD. If you’re having a shit day – make someone else happy when your’e feeling sad. When you feel stuck – help someone else! We were at a bar the night before – nobody tried to “pick us up,” have any form of conversation or was social with us in the slightest – but we looked good.



Who would’ve ever thought I’d be listing Mother Teresa’s Humility List on my blog? Not me – but then again, I really like surprises!

On the contrary, if I would’ve looked really well – dressed up, hair and makeup done, looking fierce– nobody would have spoken to me. They would have looked, that’s for damn sure. But striking up cute conversation – 100% NO FUCKING WAY. When I look worse, I get more attention then on a typical day. MUCH MORE than when I try hard to look normal.

“I looked like shit at the market tonight and people talked to me and were nice.” Theory, proven. Boom.

People, especially men feel much more intimidated by women that are totally put together and looking great. Especially when it’s women in numbers. This is like scientifically proven, somehow or somewhere…(insert case study here that I’m too lazy to search for). I don’t even want to single out men because I do this to other women as well. Like if you’re a “threat,” I’m not going out of my way for you. If you’re an equal (by way of appearance – I know this sounds really shady & vain) I’ll probably be nicer to you.

I’m sure you also know “those people” though – like they are completely ratchet ON PURPOSE! They don’t give a shit about anything or anyone – they look ridiculous on the reg. And people FUCKING LOVE THEM! I have people like this in my mind right now. Like you usually just look at them in disgust because you’re so over their song & dance. BUT – these ratchets are crowd pleasers!! People love to hate them and hate to love them. Ratchet people get attention because they’re too ridiculous to not watch or pay attention to.

Now, I’m DEFINITELY NOT describing myself as a Full Time Ratchet Betch – BUTTTTTTT I would say that I can fit into that category on occasion… during those occasions – my popularity level goes up with strangers. Also goes up with my besties. Goes down for my parents because they are NOT a fan of my ratchetness. For DEF sure. for 100% def sure. Correlation — people like hot messes? Or at least pay attention to them and are nice to them. Flawed or not, looking like shit and not actually being a heinous looking human being, you’re going to gain some sort of respect.

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