@#$%&* – Woke Up Late! 10 Second Hair Style

You know those fabulous mornings when you wake up extra early and get morning run in? You take a long, glorious shower, get your makeup done so you look like a beauty queen, you blow out your hair and even have time to stop at Starbucks for your venti iced unsweetened green tea no water?! Yeah… neither do I.

After my 4th round of pressing “Snooze,” I usually pull my ass out of bed, hair looking like I’ve been sleeping in a bear’s cave for the past 3 weeks. Often times black makeup has created the “raccoon eye” look for me because I forgot to wash it off last night. I should really upload a #selfie of that because it’s the funniest & most real version of me.

I ALWAYS contemplate taking a shower – because if I take one – my hair is going to be wet & I won’t have time to blow it dry. And when my hair is wet, it just looks ratchet and dirty for the rest of the day although it is, in fact clean. OR – do I brush through my tangled tresses and pin it back into a sleek “2nd day hairstyle” (sock bun, low pony tail, double twists, French twist). Either way I’m not happy with myself because I’m late and rushing…

Showering has become a MUST for me – I need it to feel good for the day. So – wet hair it is!!

I’ve come up with a drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle that will make you look super glam in under 10 seconds. That’s right. Under 10 seconds – it’s so simple & easy.

1. Shower! Make it speedy you’re so late! In & out in under 5 minutes? You can do it girl!

2. Brush through hair and part it down your natural part. Mine is a side part but more like just a little off center. Run your fingers through so that the ends are tousled and you get a little texture.

photo 2 (1)3. Add a little product – a favorite of mine is from drybar: Cream Soda.

photo 34. Place a round bohemian style headband over your head like it were a hat. Tuck the ends of your hair into the headband. Then continue working the band – tuck it evenly from side to side to create as big or small of a tuck as you desire. The messier the better! You can pin any loose ends if necessary.

photo 4

photo 1 (1)

photo 3 (1)5. Channel your inner Martha Washington!

photo 1

photo 5Voila! Ten Second Tom hairstyle for the girl that’s constantly rushing! Since wet, boring hair just isn’t your thing – hope this helps! This hair style is so quick that even though I was running late for work this morning, I still had time to take photos of my hair to make this. And was only 5 minutes late. πŸ˜‰

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