Sometimes in your life the smallest pieces of advice that you receive can stick with you for the longest time. Sophomore year of college, one of my girlfriends taught me about “MILK.” Clever little acronym to help girls to remember what they need!

Every time you go out you must remember milk!


(Cutest picture of “milk” I could find on the Internet without grossing anybody out! Also soooo wish it was Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – much more my style).





(& iPhone – given! Although during the time I heard this, it was Blackberry! ahhh).

This is my last minute checklist as I’m heading out the door – every. single. time. Whether I’m home or at a friend’s house or really anywhere that I’m planning on heading out for the night I always do a quick run-down. I’ve updated the adorable acronym to MILKI – but not for my iPhone, for my insulin pump. COOL.

Hope you never forget this little tidbit while you’re heading out tonight with your friends!

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