David Yurman Limited Edition Renaissance Bracelet

David Yurman Limited Edition Renaissance Bracelet in Champagne Aluminum

David Yurman came out with these gorgeous lightweight aluminum versions of the classic Renaissance Bracelet as the bracelet turned 30 years old this year! They came out in a bunch of gorgeous colors – pink, green, light blue, purple, black, champagne, yellow, light green, red, light grey, and a few gorgeous pave diamond’s – brown, black & silver. TO. DIE. FOR! They range in price from the aluminum’s at $350 to the pave’s at $85,000 – fun, I’ll take all 3!

They’ve been out since February 15th and even went on a pre-sale, which I resisted and I’m now regretting. I’ve been coveting the champagne, black, light grey & light blue colored aluminum bracelets, as they’d complement my daily outfits just perfectly. The aluminum material is a much more affordable version of the 18K gold, sterling silver & titanium bracelets that DY usually features – also much lighter in weight. These little glimpses of heaven are basically sold out everywhere in most colors – so if you can get your hands on one, consider yourself one lucky betch.

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