Ladurée Bakery – Paris, France

Paris is home of the best macaroons in the world. And macaroons are definitely in my Top 10 in the dessert category. What?! You don’t have a top 10? Or a dessert category? OK – Top 5? Fine – they’re really amazing and they definitely taste different in Paris! Different in the best way humanly possible – I, of course sampled macaroons at 3 bakeries in Paris. All were delightful!

Enter the ever-famous….

Laudrée Bakery


We arrived at Laudrée about 6 minutes before they closed on our last night in Paris. Typical of me… we wanted to buy macaroons but the bakery was closed. After a few minutes of polite, compliance (AKA pleading & begging) the hostess eventually let us sit in the restaurant and order a cafe au lait so that we could also order our gift boxes of macaroons.

Cafe au Lait

Our adorable waiter wrapped them up so preciously. Because we basically arrived there when they were closed, we were the last to leave. Upon leaving, we were invited to take a tour around the entire building which was absolutely stunning.


My beautiful macaroons are currently in my refrigerator and will be enjoyed over the next few days. Come visit if you want a taste of this flaky, perfectly light & sweet but not too sweet cookie! They come in so many flavors – coffee, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, rose, orange, pistachio, the list goes on!

IMG_9579There are two locations in NYC as well – one in Soho & one on the UES. Check them out because they’re to die for! <3


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