While perusing around the 6th arrondissement of Paris, I came across a cute little gift shop, Bathroom Graffiti. (The city of Paris is divided into 20 sections or arrondissements and they all have a bit of a different style). The 6th arrondissement is most comparable to the Upper West Side of Manhattan in my opinion – lots of designer boutiques, antique & art shops, intellectuals…

We stayed with a friend in the 5th arrondissement, a quaint area walking distance away – walking was often times more enjoyable than taking the metro. I do have to say that we also became pro’s at Metro-ing via Paris after a few days, OBV…. been to one city, been to ’em all! Where we stayed was super close to the Notre Dame & the Île Saint Louis (or what we liked to call the “ice cream island.”) BEST ICE CREAM ON EARTH, literally.

ANYWAY – while in Bathroom Graffiti, I discovered these funky, edgy bags from ELEVENPARIS. ELEVENPARIS is French Brand from Paris that was created in 2003. ELEVENPARIS’ slogan is ‘Life is a Joke’ and I just love every last drop of that!

“Combining humour, pop culture, rock references and contemporary cool, ELEVENPARIS T-shirts symbolise the brand’s silhouette. Wear them with a nonchalant air, in conjunction with refined items from the collection.”

The popular photo printed t-shirts have gained major popularity because they’re hella funny and the celebs faces that they use effing rule! Fell in love with the Kate Moss pink bag although the Beyonce & Biggie Smalls bags were calling my name as well. I’ve been using this little bag as a laptop bag all week.

3 thoughts on “LIFE IS A JOKE

  1. I’m going to Paris next month, I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for that store. Any other things I should look out for other than the typical tourist spots?

      1. Mostly eating and relaxing! Shopping would be good, but I’m on limited funds… Unless there are any affordable shops you can recommend!

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