Peeps! are in a way the best and in another way the grossest Easter candy out. Which is why I love them! Any of my close friends know how much of a weird obsession I have with everything – so they’d absolutely GET why I’d be obsessed with Peeps, among all other weird and random things I like.

I love them because I love marshmallows. Also they’re a quick pick-me-up if I have low blood sugar, duh. I’m pretttttttttty weird, if you’re just figuring that out – sorry.

In light of Easter on Sunday, I hope you enjoy my demo below…BAHAHA


I mean – yeah, you could totally make S’more’s out of Peeps! by putting it in the microwave with a bar of chocolate & 2 graham crackers. WHICH LET ME TELL YOU – IS GREAT!!!!! Campfire in your own kitchen! But that’s not fun – so I figured it would be a great idea to light my Peeps! on fire. Innovative, Ash!

View: Exhibits A, B, C, D, below. I’m a psycho. They were good – but stick to the microwave…


Enough of that – have a Happy Easter!

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