Weekday Manicure: Rad Nails

“OMG I really really want a tattoo!” – dumb girls, everywhere…

And here I am again, solving your white girl problems. πŸ˜‰

So here’s a cute way you can get a new tattoo without actually getting one. Fucking genius. obv.

I hear betches say things like this all the time…

“I want another tattooooooo!” “Let’s get matching tattoos!” “I want a lotus flower tattoo.” “I want a tattoo but I don’t know what I’d get.” OK, boring…

Here’s your answer – fake fucking tattoos, ummm duh.


Cuticle tattoos. How interesting.

I saw these bad boys from Rad Nails on Twitter (probs?) and had to try them out. They make 3 types of cuticle tattoos so I naturally purchased all 3 styles. Brought them to my manicurist Cindy to put them on me because I can’t do this shit on my own.


UMMM…. these are much more difficult than we both thought! After several attempts, Cindy just got frustrated, telling me that these were “weird” and not like the ones from China that she uses. I, of course had NO freakin’ time to be getting this detailed of a manicure to begin with…

So – we agreed she forcefully told me that she was just going to paint the exact replicas on my nails and call it a day. The design is cute – though not my style at all. Maybe I’ll try Rad Nails again one day when I have a LOT of time and patience.


3 thoughts on “Weekday Manicure: Rad Nails

    1. Wanting a tattoo is not dumb. I have a tattoo. I always want a new tattoo (or think I do). It’s the conversation about it that is dumb. People talking about wanting a new tattoo instead of actually getting one!

      1. Oh dude, yeah, okay. I read into it/Im hormonal and pregnant/took offense.

        That is one of the most annoying things ever, I agree. It happens so often/I hear it all the time. A friend of mine has been saying this/whining about this for years. I recently said “lets go, then’. “Nooo, I dont knowww…” Then seriously shut the eff up. Haha.

        Thanks for elaborating. I totally hear you.

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