Smile for a Stranger

The years between 18 and 28 are the most difficult, psychologically. Because it’s make or break time. You no longer have the excuse of “youth” and it’s time to become an “adult” – but you are just not ready.

Enjoy acting like a child, especially in a world where the adult stuff tends to get the best of us.

I’ve been admiring this amazing street art by Kelsey Montague on the corner of Kenmare St. & Mott St. in Nolita, a block away from where I work. The piece was hand drawn in paint pen and looks super rad. I passed by the mural a few times this week wanting have my photo taken in front of it, obvi – but with no luck. No innocent bystanders to harass….

Until yesterday, I was walking super fast passed it & noticed a man who stopped on the side of the road, got off his bike and was animatedly snapping photos. I stopped in my tracks and asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking a photo of me in front of it?

Turns out, this guy absolutely RULESSS! He had his helmet on with his Go-Pro attached and literally started directing me into different poses. He was posing exactly how he wanted me to look, of course – making it super epic to watch & act. I was laughing so hard, as you can see in a few of the photos. Afternoon was made! Had such a blast for a quick 3 minutes with this complete stranger. Random events like this help remind me that it’s more fun to be young. Act silly. Be weird. Just because you’re supposed to be an “adult” doesn’t mean you need to feel or act like one.

Live on betches, live. on.

Kenmare St. & Mott St.
Now, look down.
Now FLY!
Spread your wings.
RAWR – haha but no, if you saw what this man looked like directing me, you would cry laugh.

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