Basics, Clearly.

Having the feeling I’ve lowered my standards to a “basic” lately and I’m vomiting in my mouth a little bit because of it. I think it’s because I have too much going on right now. Great excuse…

I’m a firm believer that you can be the most simple or “basic” looking person and be the least basic when it comes down to style, reality, and lifestyle.

If you haven’t heard the term basic bitch, you’ve been living under a rock but I’ll humor you anyway. A basic is somebody who is just very typical. And with that being said, I don’t really think it’s an insult to be basic. Some may argue that I’m exceptionally basic right now. Basic is standard. It’s typical. It’s what you expect. Does that make it wrong? No. Does that make it boring? No. Does that make it “over”? No.

In fact, upon reflection – many people I know and love are just that – basic.

Just because you’re basic does not mean you suck. Although basic gets a very bad rep and a very bad connotation.

Amazing tote from AMO Studios

Basics are amongst some of my favorite tangible items. Black t shirts. Black skinny pants. Crisp white button downs. LouisV bags.

All people have a different definition of basics too. Like each genre of people or category of status has their own level of “basic.”

Basics drink White Zinfandel (& enjoy it!) or Pinot Grigio (again, I like this – but very typical of a female). They LOVE their wine – and they let you know about it. They’re teachers. They drink Starbucks. They love Alex and Ani. They Instagram food. But like, basic food and their captions suck. They post far too many selfies. They put a pic on Instagram EVERY SINGLE TIME they go out – so like, you know they’re having fun. WE GET ITTTTTTT. As she falls over in her sparkly platform pumps that’s she’s awful at walking while wearing. If she’s “in a relationship,” her boyfriend/husband is AH-MAZING and she’s not afraid to share with the world all of the great things he does & buys for her. If she’s “single,” oh hot DAYUM is she single. She posts quotes on Instagram every day to let the world know that no man could EVERRR be as great to her as her girlfriends are OR as she is to herself. #PREACH, sista! They are girls who do everything a girl is “supposed to do.” That’s the reason why I don’t consider myself basic at all times, although guilty on occasion. Because I really do genuinely hope and strive to be the opposite of what you think. I hope to “throw you off” very frequently. I hope to have you know to never expect typical shit from me. I hope to be accepted as a “basic” on my own terms, however be known to be as non-basic and badass as I want to be.

Basic Betch at the Beach Photo. #HOTDOGLEGS

This is why I’m basic… Since I’ve been living on LI and commuting to NYC over the past 3 months, I’ve adapted quite a basic sense of commuter life train style. It’s the living worst.

I legit cannot deal with running sprinting for LIRR trains in heels. Literally 1/4 to 1/2 miles… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing Asics with a dress & tights, but like. Flats. Flat sandals. IDK, boring. No Loubs in sight. I’m also carrying several bags (gotta pack that lunch)…which is weird. I have become my version of a basic bitch. Which is me. Just like…before I knew better. All of the basics out there learn what’s better or cooler eventually. That’s when they upgrade. It’s basically when you get tired of your old shit because everybody else has it or it’s just “done.”

I’m wearing my Longchamp Le Pliage shopping size bag every. damn. day. What?! The same bag every day?! I know. At least it’s black, but still Ash. Get your shit together.

Perhaps I’m too judgey on myself. But like – when you know the difference between basic and epic, you can’t help but care.


I’ve been rotating between the same 3 pairs of flat sandals during the summer months as well. Maybe I’m having these feelings of disgust and disdain because it’s toward the end of summer and I’m anticipating wardrobe change shortly, yet not participating in it quite yet…

Betches – you can all be as non-basic as you want. Embrace who you are and F the basic bitch haters. AKA basics stand up. But really, go sit down.

I, ashleybyrdy do hereby pledge to stop wearing boring sandals, skinny pants and J.Crew dresses with a Longchamp bag to work every day. I do hereby accept the fact that I’m not a basic, however have been dressing (maybe even behaving) moderately basic recently. And I will do better. Amen.


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