East End

After an impromptu trip to the east end of Long Island for some much needed beach & hiking this past weekend, I decided to stop at an apple orchard/pumpkin patch while sitting in hoards of traffic (heading westbound!) through East Hampton, NY.

quiet beaches are my favorite type
quiet beaches are my favorite type

Now – in all realness, $20/10 lb. bag is not exactly a good price for apples… but the fun “pick-your-own” style memories are worth the extra cents per pound. Memories per pound. I’ll pay a serious amount of $ for that. I’ll pay a serious amount of money for practically anything, lets be serious.

Apples to Apples <3
Apples to Apples <3

Making a pie seemed like the ONLY suitable solution to get through those 10 pounds of apples in the house that I’d never be able to eat. Used a hybrid recipe combining the “Perfect Apple Pie” Pillsbury, and this Tastebook recipe (without making the crust because LAZY & no time, obviously…) and got a great idea from Emily Schuman’s Cupcake’s and Cashmere rendition of apple pie.

Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter
Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter

Before putting on the top layer of dough, I used a small cookie cutter to cut out cute little maple leaves. Super autumn themed! Egg battered the top. Baked for 25 mins. Covered with aluminum foil so preserve the great golden color and so that it wouldn’t burn (party foul). Baked another 20 minutes. Let cool. Enjoy!

Perfectly Golden Crust



When you walk in off the street you feel the intense energy that this studio radiates. You’re greeted with a sick black neon sign. Black neon?! This is MY kind of place! Already dancing to the beat of the music and I’m ready to walk up to the bar and order a cocktail.


But it’s a healthy cocktail, of course! The Monster Cycle studio features Salud juice bar, serving up great fruit smoothies, cucumber water, and juices.

View of the Bikes – Cycling Studio @ The Monster Cycle

#HELLYEAH, is the mantra at The Monster Cycle – and it’s a MAJOR workout. Cycling to the RPM’s on your bike. Cycling to the loud, energetic, music videos that are up on the 2 huge screens in the front of the studio. Michael Macneal has perfected this nightclub meets “fun party scene” health and wellness studio.


Open for just over 3 weeks, The Monster Cycle studio is fresh, dark, and fucking awesome. I took class during a theme ride of “Jay Z vs. Beyonce” and it was epic.

Beyonce on the Big Screen

After cycling, I took a yoga class upstairs in a large comfortable room decorated with a tremendous lighted pentagram. Lindsey was the instructor – super positive, nice flow to the class, very helpful – overall: fabulous yoga class. Highly recommend this cycling studio for a killer ride and an all-levels yoga class.

Yoga & Strength Studio @ The Monster Cycle

 182 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10013 / info@themonstercycle.com / 646.692.4703

Things I’m Into Right Now.

Shit I’m Into.

Moonflower (if eaten – not that you would) is a hallucinogenic. When burning, it’s supposed to give off the scent of the moonflower to a degree, leaving the people in its presence with a sense of euphoria, comfort and ease. Gets the creative mind moving. I’m newly obsessed with this candle from red flower, burning it daily at work and at home. It’s a deep, dark scent that can relax you into a psychedelic slumber. Cannot get enough, and I love that little fortune cookie! <3


Think this is really cute! FYI on how to use your bobby pins – however, they work fine both ways IMO.


Street art that I love on Lafayette Street.


Whisper words of wisdom. Let it be.


Love this tiny bagel sandwich from Montreal style bagel shop Black Seed Bagels in Nolita. Beet Cured Salmon. It’s to. die. for.


Desk Essentials

Emergencies Come Up…

(if you’re me, they come up often…)

I’ve compiled a list of things that I keep on me AT ALL TIMES (let’s be honest – most times… CONSTANT MESS!) to handle all of life’s little emergencies.

The Minimergency Kit
This bad boy has EVERYTHING. See all contents in photo below. But like bandaid, sewing kit, safety pins, earring backs, deodorant, stain remover, mouth wash, nail file, Advil. YOU NAME IT! I’ve created my own version of this, but it’s perfect and super tiny so it fits right in your bag!


Sugar Packets
(for the true T1 diabetic betch… never know when you may need a boost!)

WetOnes Wipes
… and they have SO MANY USES.

Dry Shampoo
Saving grace for so many evenings where your hair does not look so nice after a day of work, weather, etc. I’m newly obsessed with dry shampoo, specifically Klorane (they do it so well).

Nail Polish Remover & Clear Nail Polish
Travel size so it doesn’t take up space and because chipped manicures are fucking disgusting. I’d rather be bare than have a gross chipped mani.

I mean, obviously. Besides typical use – these little suckers (pun) can be used with nail polish remover when you don’t have a cotton ball or tissue, or plug up a nose bleed, options are legit endless — great tool!

Spare Set of Tights
Black, obv. Don’t really need get in to the gradation of the tights…

Small travel packs (they come in really adorable styles now so you don’t look like your grandmother…)

Get a mini size of your favorite from a sample counter in the mall. Most brands sell small travel sizes. Add mascara to a no-makeup face and you look a million times more dressed up!

Oatmeal or Protein Bar
Betches need to eat. Protein-full items keep you more full for a longer period of time. Quest Bars are a favorite. So are KIND bars.

Can’t even say how many times a pair of tweezers has come in handy. To perfect an eyebrow, get out a splinter, any other random medical issue I may be having.

Tea Bag
Caffeine boost coming right up…

Deo / Eye Makeup Remover
for your BO! And quick clean-ups. Makeup remover gets pen off skin.

Travel Size Parfum
Parfum lasts longer and is stronger than eau de toilette, FYI. Little bit goes a long way – perfect and small.

I’m basically describing myself to be an old lady with a huge bag overflowing with crap… whatever.

All things every betch needs in her desk drawer at work or forever hold her peace.

Altuzarra for Target Picks

Early Sunday morning wake-ups are rare for me; not my favorite at all. Rather sleep in, eat brunch, workout, do nothing. But after accomplishing so much and  realizing its still early – is such a dream! Was able to go for a long walk and catch up with a friend, for a bike ride, and watch football (my old new weekly tradition).

Reason I woke up so early?! Designer collaboration release at Target!

This season Target collaborated with French designer Joseph Altuzarra – a women’s ready-to-wear clothing designer. Why do luxe fashion designers collabo with Target or H&M? People either LOVE it or DESPISE it. I’m all about it – think it’s really great exposure for a brand and it makes high fashion available to people who it would normally never reach.

Danielle from Dusk & Rubies and I tried on every piece of clothing in the collection available in stores. Our quick review: LOVE that the price point capped at $80! (major!) The shoes (boots & booties) felt and looked cheap – PASS! Many of the fabrics were soft and comfortable, felt high quality. The oxford shirts are well-fitted and are a great length in the back (lay nicely over my butt – great for tall girls!). The oxfords can also be styled several different ways and are a great piece to add to your wardrobe! Specifically the lightweight shirts felt cheap and that we could’ve purchased the exact item at forever21 for $7.80.  All of the jackets had this awkward bouffant style add-in on the back – it was weird. There were several pieces and cuts that made me look and feel bigger than I was (obv, no bueno) but FYI…

Top Picks / Must Have’s

Black Pencil Skirt

Has a great slit on the front left leg. Great piece that can be worn “dressed up” or “dressed down.” See my post later this week about how I’m pairing it to work this week. Give a pencil skirt a super casual downtown vibe.


Tailored Shirts

This shirt can be worn literally 15 different ways – with jeans and boots, with a pencil skirt pictured above, throw a thick grey chunky sweater over it, or add a scarf, or a statement necklace, pair with black skinny pants and add glasses, add a fur vest over this. Seems pretty boring, but the fit is fantastic. There is also an orchid printed silky shirt (similar to sweatshirt below) with the French cut and it’s amazing.


Silky Sweatshirt

Worn here by yours truly is the orchid print sweatshirt. The front is a smooth “silky fabric” aka polyester and the rest is a cotton/poly blend. I’m wearing it with J.Crew white pants (Yes! after Labor Day & Yes! it’s OK!), Michele watch, Hermes bangle, assorted Catbird rings, Eddie Borgo Single Cone Necklace. Super comfortable fit – I want to wear this every day.



Don’t mind the mirror picture… it made me laugh too.

Slip On Sneaks

Legit doing a splurge vs. steal post right now because I’m legit obsessed with these slip-on sneakers I found last week at Piperlime.

I lust over clothing, shoes, handbags, furniture, gadgets, EVERYTHING, etc. that are way out of my price range like it’s my job. Not even like it’s my job – more like it’s my career. It’s a problem…whatever. These Saint Laurent Classic Skate Slip-On Sneakers caught my eye and I’d been lusting… and usually when I think about something for too long I bite the bullet and buy them.unnamed-3

Until….. I stopped in to Piperlime in Soho early last week. A rad salesperson was helping me around the store right before they were closing and showed me these Saint Laurent slip-on twinsies!

Report Signature Aspin Slip On’s. They’re on point. Report Signature is actually an extremely surprising brand – they’re always doing some really legit shoe that’s on-trend and SUPER comfortable at an amazingly appetizing price point. Like $495 versus $49?! HELLOoOoOoo?!?! Major score.

Fit is true to size, comfort is perfect and they look like Saint Laurent – what else could you possibly want?  I cannot urge you enough to wear these with a professional dress or something super dressy! And dress it down with these amazing slip ons. Trust – it works every time. Gives you the professional girl vibe with serious street cred.

My 1st SHOW: Calvin Klein SS15

Situated with a gorgeous view overlooking lower Manhattan at Spring Studios, the energy was real and almost tense as the anticipation built for Francisco Costa’s Spring Summer ’15 collection for Calvin Klein.

For my first ever fashion show at New York Fashion Week, I’d say I did really well. Was granted an ALL ACCESS pass and was escorted around backstage and front of the house, pre-show!



Met Francisco Costa (Creative Director, Calvin Klein Women) briefly, pre-show, he was so focused and yet out of his mind & this world. This overall experience was so unreal that I feel like I would be making is up if I didn’t actually live it. Check out some backstage pics of the makeup room and hair room, dressing room too! (5 minutes before showtime). Backstage were some “light snacks” – mini burger sliders, fruit, sandwiches, lots of drinks.


Everyone and I mean everyone was dressed in black.

All black everything. Calvin Klein, duh. The music was dark – like a heartbeat but also sort of terrifying and amping. Music ultimately sets and creates mood and this music created a mystery of anticipation, sitting on the edge of your seat style (or for me – standing).


It was the calm before the storm just before people started flooding in. Everyone started piling in.

Spot: SJP to the left in a Cobalt coat.

Some serious celebs: Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rooney Mara, Kate Moss, Nina Garcia ahhhh! All of my fave fashion bloggers – Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, BryanBoy, Irene Kim, Mira Duma. So major!

As the runway started, a room filled with hundreds of people was completely silent. The first model emerged in deep navy blue. Every style was clean and crisp. Very minimal and lean, close to the body silhouettes in this collection. Tiered looks with small high belts and some metal detail. The color palette of course very strict: black, navy blue, gorgeous cream colored dresses and some deep, rich sultry reds (interesting for Spring, but LOVE nonetheless!). Long silhouettes and tank dresses were a major trend as well as metallic glossy fabrics.






The show lasted about 8 and a half minutes. 8.5 minutes of pure bliss. iPhones out. I didn’t know whether or not to watch or take photos. Did both so I missed a few looks because IDC what anybody says – seeing something with your own 2 eyes is far more breathtaking than any photo will ever do justice.

OBVI, Blurry …

Once the show ended, Francisco Costa came out for a quick bow and wave, applause and BREAK! Everybody starts to bolt out of there! It turned into the loud boisterous chaos that it was just 15 minutes prior. I was situated near the door – Anna Wintour bolted and legit RAN out of there – kinda humorous to watch. I caught up with Eva Chen (Editor of Lucky Magazine) in the elevator and we took an #elevatorselfie together. Most epic elevator ride EVER – filled with a serious faves – Grade Coddington! UM yesssss!

Eva Chen and Me – #ELEVATORSELFIE <3
L to R (Clockwise): Nina Garcia, Rumi Neely, Mira Duma, Grace Coddington
Kate Moss, sigh.
Chiara Ferragni <3

Cannot wait for next fashion week! #NYFW #MBFW

essie fall 2014 color picks!

Got your next Weekday Manicure ideas for this Fall… Essie just released their Fall 2014 shades and THEY ALL RULE!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.28.43 PM
Essie 2014 Fall Collection

Of course I’m obsessed with every damn color but my absolute favorite is “Dress to Kilt” a deep sexy red, perfect for your autumn afternoons playing in the leaves and drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte’s!*


*(Don’t really drink these, please! – See Nutrition Facts below). I allow myself 1 per season (because, OBVIOUSLY – they’re so good!) – and if I really need a “pumpkin spice fix” – I’ll get a dirty chai with 1 pump of Pumpkin Spice (cuts the fat almost in half & the calories down by at least 100!) & still tastes pretty legit. Weird ramble…

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.36.38 PM

Anyway, my next favorite from this collection is “Take It Outside” which is a beautiful taupe and I think it’s a nice mix between essie’s classic colors: Sand Tropez and Chinchilly. AKA I’m going to wear this all autumn long! Although I’ve been wearing dark nails for the past few weeks embracing the start of Fall, I do LOVE wearing a lighter shade with darker hues of clothing and accessories during the fall and winter. Go get your nails done, people! Or DIY if you’re talented enough. <3


Football (Girl Style)

The Kickoff of Football Season was this past week!

How … fun! Obviously you’ve all heard about Fantasy Drafts and games going on and everything that goes along with that…

For the past few seasons, I’ve been generally anti-football for personal reasons. Sounds absurd, but that’s OK because absurdities are a major part of my lifestyle.

Regardless, this year I’m going to give football another chance. I almost joined a football pool too, but then I got drunk and forgot to sign up. Obviously priorities are straightened out to exactly where they need to be.


Found this really sick Football Harness. The tan leather and rope screams football season chic. The material is made to mock the feel and texture of a real football! Mainly, it’s fun to wear, gets a great reaction from both men & women and looks fab worn over a plain white tee paired with jeans. Or over a simply flowing dress – the harness really enhances your cool-girl during football season vibe. Loving the texture!! Be sure to look out for me on football Sunday’s wearing my new “gear.” Will definitely get me pumped to watch football, have a beer and eat buffalo chicken dip! Happy MNF dudes!

Stylemint Tshirt, Timex Watch, Bud Light

Refresh, Re-Haul: Disorganization at its Finest

Messy room always. It’s unfortunately my MO. But I really want to say modus operandi because I like Latin phrases. At any given time, I have clothing, shoes, purses, papers, money, lipgloss, mail, magazine clippings, photos, pens, Fiji water strewn all over my bed & room. Sounds pretty gross, huh? I mean… it’s not always bad – it’s just my own level of organized chaos.

Like I just don’t enjoy hanging up my clothes. Or putting them in drawers. Unless I have company. The problem is that I have too many belongings and not enough space to store them in. The drawers? They’re all full, I promise. Organization is something I lie to myself about – like I tell people I’m organized, so does everyone? Don’t they? It’s a desirable quality, correct? I don’t own this quality by any means – oops. I’m going to stop lying to myself and own up to my disorganization and masked methods of chaos.

When I get home from work at 11:00PM and I have to be up at 5:45AM the next day, I’ll  typically fall fast asleep half clothed with tons of clothes and/or shoes sprawled over my bed. They’re clean (usually) – they were probably just my potential outfits from this morning. And whatever book I was reading earlier that day, and my Macbook because I had to look something up real quick before I went to sleep, and the mail that I have to look at tomorrow morning while I have some time on the train or subway. But I like all of those things, so it’s OK for me to snuggle with that stuff. I don’t mind it. If I’m really feeling cluttered, I’ll easily move those things to a nice little section on my desk or leather bench or chair. I know exactly where everything is (MOST OF THE TIME!) and if I don’t know, I have at least 3-4 other locations on deck to check where it could potentially be located.

If what I’m looking for is not there, it’s because I didn’t look hard enough. Because when I look for the 2nd time, I always find it. Now that I’ve admitted that I’m completely unorganized in my organized bliss of a life – I am finally settling in to the fact that I’m going to be like this forever and ever. I clean my room once or twice a week – hang up all the clothes, line up the shoes, fold the unworn clothes or send them back to the dry cleaner, organize the papers and “file” them. And then later on that day, I re-start the process.

Collapsed Closet - Due to the Excessive Amount of Clothes. #FML
Collapsed Closet Circa March 2014 – Due to the Excessive Amount of Clothes. #FML

I would love to be Carrie Bradshaw-esque and store my clothing in the oven, but unlike that betch, I actually like to cook. I’m actually completely lying (again) – I can’t remember the last time I used the inside of the oven. I’d just be scared that using the stovetop would somehow make the stuff inside burn and go up in flames. Freakout!

My chaos is renewable. It’s refreshable.

I want to know how it feels to have no belongings nor keep any of your things easily accessible or on display?

I really want to know how it feels to not be a mess. This will be re-visited… time to donate… who wants my stuff?!