Football (Girl Style)

The Kickoff of Football Season was this past week!

How … fun! Obviously you’ve all heard about Fantasy Drafts and games going on and everything that goes along with that…

For the past few seasons, I’ve been generally anti-football for personal reasons. Sounds absurd, but that’s OK because absurdities are a major part of my lifestyle.

Regardless, this year I’m going to give football another chance. I almost joined a football pool too, but then I got drunk and forgot to sign up. Obviously priorities are straightened out to exactly where they need to be.


Found this really sick Football Harness. The tan leather and rope screams football season chic. The material is made to mock the feel and texture of a real football! Mainly, it’s fun to wear, gets a great reaction from both men & women and looks fab worn over a plain white tee paired with jeans. Or over a simply flowing dress – the harness really enhances your cool-girl during football season vibe. Loving the texture!! Be sure to look out for me on football Sunday’s wearing my new “gear.” Will definitely get me pumped to watch football, have a beer and eat buffalo chicken dip! Happy MNF dudes!

Stylemint Tshirt, Timex Watch, Bud Light

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