My 1st SHOW: Calvin Klein SS15

Situated with a gorgeous view overlooking lower Manhattan at Spring Studios, the energy was real and almost tense as the anticipation built for Francisco Costa’s Spring Summer ’15 collection for Calvin Klein.

For my first ever fashion show at New York Fashion Week, I’d say I did really well. Was granted an ALL ACCESS pass and was escorted around backstage and front of the house, pre-show!



Met Francisco Costa (Creative Director, Calvin Klein Women) briefly, pre-show, he was so focused and yet out of his mind & this world. This overall experience was so unreal that I feel like I would be making is up if I didn’t actually live it. Check out some backstage pics of the makeup room and hair room, dressing room too! (5 minutes before showtime). Backstage were some “light snacks” – mini burger sliders, fruit, sandwiches, lots of drinks.


Everyone and I mean everyone was dressed in black.

All black everything. Calvin Klein, duh. The music was dark – like a heartbeat but also sort of terrifying and amping. Music ultimately sets and creates mood and this music created a mystery of anticipation, sitting on the edge of your seat style (or for me – standing).


It was the calm before the storm just before people started flooding in. Everyone started piling in.

Spot: SJP to the left in a Cobalt coat.

Some serious celebs: Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rooney Mara, Kate Moss, Nina Garcia ahhhh! All of my fave fashion bloggers – Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, BryanBoy, Irene Kim, Mira Duma. So major!

As the runway started, a room filled with hundreds of people was completely silent. The first model emerged in deep navy blue. Every style was clean and crisp. Very minimal and lean, close to the body silhouettes in this collection. Tiered looks with small high belts and some metal detail. The color palette of course very strict: black, navy blue, gorgeous cream colored dresses and some deep, rich sultry reds (interesting for Spring, but LOVE nonetheless!). Long silhouettes and tank dresses were a major trend as well as metallic glossy fabrics.






The show lasted about 8 and a half minutes. 8.5 minutes of pure bliss. iPhones out. I didn’t know whether or not to watch or take photos. Did both so I missed a few looks because IDC what anybody says – seeing something with your own 2 eyes is far more breathtaking than any photo will ever do justice.

OBVI, Blurry …

Once the show ended, Francisco Costa came out for a quick bow and wave, applause and BREAK! Everybody starts to bolt out of there! It turned into the loud boisterous chaos that it was just 15 minutes prior. I was situated near the door – Anna Wintour bolted and legit RAN out of there – kinda humorous to watch. I caught up with Eva Chen (Editor of Lucky Magazine) in the elevator and we took an #elevatorselfie together. Most epic elevator ride EVER – filled with a serious faves – Grade Coddington! UM yesssss!

Eva Chen and Me – #ELEVATORSELFIE <3
L to R (Clockwise): Nina Garcia, Rumi Neely, Mira Duma, Grace Coddington
Kate Moss, sigh.
Chiara Ferragni <3

Cannot wait for next fashion week! #NYFW #MBFW

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