East End

After an impromptu trip to the east end of Long Island for some much needed beach & hiking this past weekend, I decided to stop at an apple orchard/pumpkin patch while sitting in hoards of traffic (heading westbound!) through East Hampton, NY.

quiet beaches are my favorite type
quiet beaches are my favorite type

Now – in all realness, $20/10 lb. bag is not exactly a good price for apples… but the fun “pick-your-own” style memories are worth the extra cents per pound. Memories per pound. I’ll pay a serious amount of $ for that. I’ll pay a serious amount of money for practically anything, lets be serious.

Apples to Apples <3
Apples to Apples ❤

Making a pie seemed like the ONLY suitable solution to get through those 10 pounds of apples in the house that I’d never be able to eat. Used a hybrid recipe combining the “Perfect Apple Pie” Pillsbury, and this Tastebook recipe (without making the crust because LAZY & no time, obviously…) and got a great idea from Emily Schuman’s Cupcake’s and Cashmere rendition of apple pie.

Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter
Maple Leaf Cookie Cutter

Before putting on the top layer of dough, I used a small cookie cutter to cut out cute little maple leaves. Super autumn themed! Egg battered the top. Baked for 25 mins. Covered with aluminum foil so preserve the great golden color and so that it wouldn’t burn (party foul). Baked another 20 minutes. Let cool. Enjoy!

Perfectly Golden Crust

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