Jeff Koons: A Retrospective

Jeff Koons – A Retrospective at The Whitney Museum.

A “retrospective” – looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.

Fitting, really. Art in various forms has always been a passion of mine – since I see art in so many aspects of everyday life. Constantly wondering how a person created an object, idea or work. Where did it come from? How could one create something so major? So massive – whether in size or in thought…

Photos of my favorites!

Pink Balloon
Basketballs Submerged in Water – in Equilibrium.
Pink Balloon – Selfie, obvi.
Play Doh!
Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake…
Love you
Balloon Dog
Killa Cam
That new, new.

Mansur Gavriel

This bag is MAY-JOR!!!!


After creepily stalking out specialty stores and their associates since April, I was finally able to get my hands on my very own “it” bag. Mansur Gavriel. Totes (the large shoulder bag, not the “completely, absolutely” type), bucket bags and backpacks. They’re all made from gorgeous, warm Italian vegetable tanned leather that gets more beautiful with age. In glorious color waves. UGH, I just died.


Bag is so great – you can carry around a palm tree inside of it… weird background imaging…

The Bucket Bag
The Bucket Bag

I purchased the tote because of versatility and wearability – useful and a great everyday staple.

It’s a serious, high quality bag for literally a fraction of the cost of luxe designers. Obviously why everyone wants it. That’s why it sells out before it can be replenished on the shelves.


Black/Blu color with black exterior and blu interior <3 Each bag also comes with a small leather pouch that can be attached with a snap closure. Great for storing keys, change, and small items.

MUST-HAVE. I want one in every style and color. Also –  MUST. STOP. SHOPPING. Purchased this beauty through the P.S. Dept app!

(EX) Boyfriend Tee

(EX) Boyfriend Tee

Borrowing the “look from the boys” has been a lasting trend over the past few seasons. A trend that many people LOVE and others feel as if they can’t really get into. I’ve heard females say things like, “I’m a girl and I have a body that I want to show off. Why would I hide it with huge long coats and oversized everything’s?” I shutter. Because they’re awesome. And because – why not?

Do you feel like you can’t wear menswear coats? Are boyfriend jeans just not your style because you would look like the actual boy? Not into Oxford shoes or loafers? Those are problems, here’s my easy solution to them.

Borrow his t-shirt!

This is a fantastic idea because of the following things:
1. It’s free
2. It’s usually worn in and very comfy
3. It’s never gonna be that tight (unless your boobs are huge) – sorry!
4. It will smell good (although not guaranteed). Could just smell – woof.


This one is “borrowed” alright — AKA never being returned — and it’s my favorite! Perfect shade of grey (no shade intended)!

THIS IS A SCARY SELFIE! AHHHH creep. & seatbelt – lol

Wearing with black! As if I would wear it with another color. Shown 2 different ways. On both occasions paired with a high waisted black pencil skirt from previous Altuzarra post. It’s important to pair your exbf tee with a dressier skirt to tone down the dressiness of the skirt and to keep the overall boyfriend look more feminine although still super casual.  Shoe choices are my “half and half shoes” – meaning I’m wearing slip on sneakers for my commute and heels during the day or for after work drinks (you can’t see them anyway). TOP Photo: Tom Ford Sunglasses. J. Crew Boyfriend Blazer. Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag. Eddie Borgo necklace. BOTTOM: Amazing necklace from SHU Salon in Charlotte, NC. Sandro sweater. Chanel #99 lips. #SweetSeatbelt!

Also try pairing with black skinnies or medium rinse jeans, serious moto boots and a black moto jacket for an edgier look!

Mercury’s Back At It

Mercury is going Retrograde (AGAIN!)

Friday, October 3 – Saturday, October 25th

If you’re familiar with my motto on life – it’s just this:

Sweatshirt Available in my Poshmark store - link on the right! Also more available - so message me if interested!
Baron von Fancy Print Sweatshirt Available in my Poshmark store – link on the right! Also more available – so message me if interested!

“Mercury was in Fucking Retrograde” and I’m sticking to it! Has your life been completely messed up over the past few days or weeks? Lots of messed up shit happening to you? I lost my wallet, ID, makeup, phone, boyfriend? Was I more excessively bitchy to you than usual?

“Oh, sorry! Mercury was retrograde last week and I’m just getting over it!” – Me

Excuses, but reality. #BetchesInRetrograde

After a scheduled 1.5 hour private reading in her Brooklyn apartment turned into a 4 hour reading and connection with Rebecca Gordon of My Path Astrology, I left with a new found respect, interest and mild obsession with astrology. The beautiful, highly talented and motivationally guiding Rebecca Gordon, who I highly recommend, who came upon me with high recommendations has given me an experience that I cherish dearly. And that I will absolutely return to again. Rebecca Gordon’s mentor, Susan Miller of has a fab recently updated app for iPhone that I’m also very much into!

Side tracked, obviously. RE-Enter, retrograde. 

After reading this article by Robert Wilkinson, found via this easy-to-read article, I have such a better point of view of Mercury retrograde. The author puts such a happy and positive spin on how Mercury going retrograde can affect us. He emphasizes on what to look for, instead of what to look out for. How to embrace the challenges we’re going through as growth – instead of advice to remain stagnant and not make any decisions, especially big ones.


Recently I’ve been extremely reception and giving of positive advice about typically shitty situations. Not that the situation during Mercury retrograde is really shit – because you don’t always realize it is – until after the fact…


We all need a nice reflection period sometimes. Instead of looking at the next few weeks as a standstill – (ex: waiting until October 26 to act upon something) – use it as a time and place to goal-set. To review previous decisions and learn the most you can from them. Get your shit together. Get some ideas flowing. Test them out on the most important person you know – yourself.

Reflection brings reality to a head. “Use it as a bridge between old and new…”

Mercury goes retro in Scorpio (my sign) which prob means something super chaotic. and ultra chic (for me). Maybe new loafers I just bought…

Whatever it may be – I love a little chaos. I cannot wait for the next month ahead. Rehearse. Do Research. Figure out what’s coming in for you mid-November. I’m having a strangely great feeling about heading into this viewed “reversal”of Mercury.


* I am not an astrologer and in no way do I believe to be one. You know me – just a random betch writing random thoughts about shit that I love. Enjoy or don’t. If I’m wrong, I kind of don’t care. Xx <3

Vibes I’m Into

1. How to NOT Look like a Hot Mess
Don’t rush into work every day. Leave earlier so you get there on time. Wake up a little earlier. Take an earlier train or subway. You’ll look well-rested and prettier to people passing by when you’re leisurely walking instead of running like a #crazybetch.

2. Officially switching over to hot caffeinated beverages as of today because I like to make weird rules for myself like that. But really, just so I can break them.

3. The best box to ever receive, ever.


Relax, it’s nail polish. I know… this color is a fantastic red and I’m obsessed.


4. P.S. Dept

An iPhone app established in 2012 that’s your personal shopper – it does the research for you. Text it what you’re looking for and a real-life store employee comes back with options at various locations. You are able to simply add to your cart & check out. The personal shopper takes care of it, sends a receipt & gets you on your way! Simplicity. Awaiting my newest addition coming from LA – check back!


5. Life looks better in black. Much better. Black sunglasses. Tom Ford sunglasses.

Replacement for my Chanel’s. RIP


I keep things black & white. Mostly black. It looks better. Sometimes red.