Am I Over It?

How long does it take to really get over something?


54 days ago I moved into an apartment with a dear friend. Since arrival, we have both had packed out schedules, holidays, birthday’s, more holiday’s, work, drinks, work, drinks, traveling…

Whatever, you get it – like all New Yorkers (and people, generally) – we’re busy.

To this date, we have yet to get cable. Yes, the godforsaken Time Warner Cable has yet to enter our residence. Well, sorta… internet and cable is included in the rent of our unit (which is fab and so cheap). This means we aren’t living in the stone age – we have Wifi. We have 2 quite large, new televisions as well. We just don’t have cable hooked up to them yet.

We’ve gone 54 days, and in my opinion – it hasn’t been bad at all. I don’t care for television, even though I would watch it if I wanted to or if it was available. But I definitely do not need it. Roomie does, but she hasn’t really cared about it much either.

Aside from TWC having awful customer service that I don’t even want to call there to schedule them to come to our place… I am really over it.

We have Netflix, but that’s not the point either. I don’t care about Netflix or watching anything at all. Am I living in the wrong era? I would rather not even watch anything? Am I so obsessed with myself and my own life that I don’t even care what goes on in the world around me? False, I’m on Twitter nonstop and find out everything I need to know from there. Quickest news outlet known to man.

I think it’s taken me a lot longer to get over not wanting cable. I haven’t really had it this entire year – because my last living situation was psychotic. But I never pressed having cable. Because I would find better things to do with my time. And if I wanted to watch something on cable, I would go to a friend’s house because isn’t it so boring to watch TV alone? I would rather be with a person watching whatever program I was interested in.

Not sure if its really the 54 days thing – but I’m boycotting TW cable and their awful customer service until Elizabeth wants to punch me because of it.


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