Billyburg to Soho

It’s Monday morning – I’m up! I’m up early actually, showered, getting ready to go. I’m on time, this is refreshing!

Until I look at the time and oh, okay. I’m running late now. I missed the bus I planned on taking – so – UGH my heels are so high – by the time I walk to the subway – I’ll want to cry. OK, next idea. Jump in my car – drive to the subway. No way can I drive into Manhattan (nowhere to park).

Parallel parking time! 🙂 Hit the car parked behind me – love tap really…. whatever it’s fine.  A beep – Fuck. there is somebody in the car. Caught. Hopefully it’s not bad. It’s not. I apologize and run away down the stairs to, “the next L train its now arriving on the…Manhattan bound track.” 

Great… run! Swipe MetroCard – “Insufficient Fare.” Ugh – Monday – long lines of course. Add myself to the shortest line. This line is short because the machine isn’t working, obviously. Next line – my credit card can not be read. Would I like to try again? Sure. My debit card, my other credit card, my Amex, my boss’ credit card. None of these can be read. It’s not the cards of course, it’s the machine. Again? Really? That other person’s card worked on it though.

The 2nd Manhattan-bound L train is now departing. Beep. Beep. Beep. As people keep filing through the turnstile and loading into the cramped L train. I get off the Metrocard line. I have no cash because I spent it all at the cash only restaurant I got a really great burger at yesterday. Great. Start to have a mild panic attack as the train pulls out of the station. Then I remember I have approximately 2 lbs. of change a the bottom of my handbag. Back to the MetroCard refill line, one more time. Another L train approaches. Somehow the line goes quickly. I grab my ticket and run through the turnstile. Get on the train. Crammed in. Happy I made it but so unhappy at the same time.

Smelly armpit man puts it right in my face as he grabs on to the bar right above my head. I am being touched in various places I do not wish to be touched in. I’m not pleased. I’m counting down the seconds until I get to Union Square to break free from this prison into the insanity that is exiting L train to catch the next connecting train.

Hopefully my dress isn’t too short so people behind me can’t see my ass as I walk up the stairs. Hopefully they won’t look. But they will look. I would look. 

OK, thank god that’s over with.

Walking over to the next train, pass the screaming Jesus lady at Union Square. Right on schedule. She’s screaming at all of us, but nobody in particular about following the lord. I wonder if anyone follows her advice, talks to her or tells her to pipe down?

OK, next train. It’s on time thank god and I’m not waiting at all for it. There’s a really cute guy in this subway. And a really pretty 20 something female with gorgeous red lipstick and a weird haircut that I’m starting to vibe with. Finally get to my stop and stand in line to exit the subway to the street. And a blast of steaming air blows into my face. Ugh – the steam… ew. OK – hey Happy Monday. First day of a short week. And it’s just gonna be a great one, I can feel it.

Uber * (1Star)

According to my Uber driver this morning, I have only a 1 Star rating. Similar to how the user gets to rate the driver on a 5-star scale, the drivers also get to rate the user. OK soooo… How does one even attain this level of being such a shitty customer? I’m always polite to them, chat if I’m chatted to, I’m quiet when I don’t want to speak. I don’t eat or drink in Uber. I don’t do anything that weird in them (I don’t think…).

After asking my driver today, apparently my poor rating is because I don’t enter my pick-up address. Um… what? I never have. And truthfully, the app always does show my Uber driving right passed where I am (like today). And I freak out like where is this person going? WTF, UGH. Press ‘Contact Driver’ and ask them, “Where are you?” “Why are you there? I’m all the way over here.”

His suggestion – stop using the “Drop a Pin” pick up. Because the “Drop a Pin” is often times wrong. OH. Like that’s my fault? Sorry my iPhone doesn’t work. Sorry Uber doesn’t work. Whatever – he told me it is not useful for me (clearly) OR for the driver (because then they’re driving around in circles looking for me). Yeah.

I have a love/hate relationship with Uber – I’m currently trying to boycott because relying on it is too expensive for me. Which basically means I would rather spend my money in other more significant ways then getting to Brooklyn from Manhattan. I’ve been taking public transportation more often lately in NYC. Which will literally be the death of me.

Whatever, he gave me a 5 Star ***** rating today (he showed me for proof)! Thanks Mirza, have a great day!


Got you back 😉

Online Dating

Online dating is something that I’ve had serious trouble committing to. Maybe that statement right there is what my problem is all along… commitment? Nah. Def nah. 


I’m sure many of you can relate. With websites and apps like Tinder, Hinge, CoffeeMeetsBagel, Match, Grindr, and Bumble (fave) – it seems near impossible to avoid conversation of online/app dating. Before iPhone apps, I used think online dating was for “older people.” So I’m definitely thinking….Like am I old enough to do this? Am I now an “older person”? Nope. No more – there are basically preteens on these apps – have to be careful with age limits – weird.

Next question – Should I pay for this?! Am I seriously not good/cool enough in real life to find a person who I can connect with? How can I really get to know somebody from behind their cell phone and a few quick pictures to swipe left or right through? Ugh.

Do people actually find real relationships on these platforms? And if they do, is it legit? Do I want to date somebody who would also be on a dating website? Am I desperate? What if they are desperate? They’ve got to be, right? Otherwise they must only be looking for sex, right?

It’s rare to find somebody who’s legit on Tinder… But then again, doesn’t every single person in the city basically have Tinder? Or some form of it? Even some of my friends in relationships have joined dating websites just to see what all the hype was about. Some other friends of mine are SO against dating apps because they’re not into it at all / it’s sketchy / they’re nervous.

But like, am I ready for this? Like for real ready, not just for fake ready like I’ve always been. Do I really want to meet somebody? Do I really have to date somebody older than me so that they’re mature enough for me?

What am I supposed to do about the guy that I <3 that won’t commit? The one who’s my “best friend.” But we both know we can’t be together. But we both can’t get away from each other because there’s some sort of something. At what point is that not enough? At what point do I need to start the actual living search? Everyone’s opinion is way different obviously. Will I ever be ready?

And even when you think you’ve found “the one,” it could all come crashing down any day. I think meeting people is fun…. but only if I like the person. And then there’s the chance of meeting people who I don’t like. Dating escape stories to be written in another blog…

Also, if you haven’t already- check out Bumble – exceptionally good looking people. I wouldn’t lie.

Everyday Anorak

The actual best all year round jacket!


Spring is coming! LMAO – using that phrase very loosely since New York is still bitter cold at 37 degrees on Monday, March 23rd. Anyway, spring is apparently going to get here one day in the near future. Or so we hope… 37 degrees to 77 degrees will likely be the case, but whatever. A girl can be hopeful!

Regardless – it’s still cold, and in the “spring” or pseudo springit rains. So it’s very wet, obv and chic solutions are VERY MUCH NEEDED.

Found this amazing jacket at (check it out in the link). Everlane offers designer quality goods without the 5x markup that usually exists. The anorak I purchased in Stone (seen in the photo) is beyond perfect. The fit is slightly oversize but sits really well on the body and its true to size. The jacket is soft, it’s long enough, it has a hood to protect you from the rain, lots of pockets, and great details. The Stone color matches well with black, brown, denim, white, really anything anything! This jacket is FAR beyond a basic. It’s basic enough to be worn day-to-day, yet elevated enough that when you’re wearing it, everyone will ask you where you got it. Highly recommend, combat the elements this Spring with me in this Everlane Anorak Jacket.

Use my link with your first purchase!!

L.A. & San Francisco

Los Angeles had a gorgeous start of extraordinarily nice weather this past weekend. My best friend and I spent some time with family in Hermosa Beach and took a day trip to Beverly Hills. Being out of freezing New York City was an amazing little escape. Beaching in the winter when NYC is experiencing a snow storm is also one of the nicest feelings in the world. Sorry, NY-ers. Although this week NYC is having beautiful weather. So I obviously brought it back, you’re welcome!

We traveled up north to San Francisco for a few days to visit another bestie. My experience was delightful and S.F. is now in the running for one of my favorite cities out there. Take a look at some pics below because photos do a much better job of explaining than me rambling on about what I did.

Hermosa Beach Lifeguard Stand
At this point we need to hit the beach majorly... so pale
At this point we need to hit the beach majorly… so pale
Morning run
Morning run
afternoon in Beverly Hills
afternoon in Beverly Hills
breakfast spot, hermosa beach
breakfast spot, hermosa beach
Twin Peaks at night, San Francisco
Twin Peaks at night, San Francisco
Muir Woods
Muir Woods

I fell during our hike and have a huge bruise and cut on my knee!

Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting
Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting
Meeting friends
Meeting friends

An alumni from Breezy’s school also loves wine as much as we do!

Night Out in San Francisco
<3, blurry but I don’t even care
Lombardy Street, #crookedest street in the world!
Lombardy Street, #crookedest street in the world!
Cable Car
Cable Car
Full House - House, Painted Ladies <3 San Francisco
Full House – House, Painted Ladies

Honestly…Breezy, Kim and I stood sat in front of the Painted Ladies for a solid 15 minutes before we decided what type of themed photo was acceptable to upload to Instagram. This photo captures the pure ridiculousness being caught in the moment. Breezy’s Instagram has the photo we chose. 🙂

Painted Ladies
Painted Ladies

Brings me back to my childhood… actually I still watch Full House often so it brings me back a few days ago.

Hyde St. Pier, San Francisco
Hyde St. Pier, San Francisco
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting
Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge
Me and Uncle Charlie
Me and Uncle Charlie
Snapchat photos are cool, right?!
Snapchat photos are cool, right?!
Clift Wineries
Clift Wineries

Sometimes iPhone pictures don’t come out as good as I hope for <3 Also my phone was dead or not on me for half of this trip so the memories will last much longer than the photos in this case. <3


Lavender Overtones!

If you haven’t noticed – I’m mildly obsessed with lipstick and lip gloss and lip color and lip care and all things lip related.

Wandering around Soho often enough, I tend to walk into way too many shops. The NARS boutique at Wooster & Prince Streets is one of my favorite places to hide out and test new makeup shades. Every time I enter the shop, I’m guaranteed to have a high-quality experience. The makeup artists there are super helpful and I truly trust their opinions.

So I’ve been on the search for nudes. 😉

I’ve tried a bunch from NARS lately: Barbara. Tolede. My newest shade I’ve settled on is: Pigalle. And not only am I “settled,” but I’m also in love. <3 The makeup artist that helped me this time could tell I was weary – looked a little too dark for what I was going for…although my main concern when I came in was that I didn’t want anything too light in fear that it would make me look “washed out” and that you wouldn’t be able to tell where my lips ended and where my face began.

She pulled Pigalle right away and pulled a few other shades for good measure. After applying Pigalle, she basically demanded that I MUST wear it with a Lavender gloss on top because it just “ALWAYS DOES THE RIGHT THING.”


She offered up “Born This Way,” and applied it for me. And it looks FUCKING awesome. It takes a nude lipstick to a new level. She instructed to only apply it in the middle of your lips – no need to go to the edges, smudge your lips and you’ll be good. Lavender lip gloss has literally changed my life. I’m applying it over every nude shade of lipstick I have (I mean, LOTS). And she’s right every time… It literally, “DOES THE RIGHT THING!” No matter what.

So yeah, NARS addict always <3

Things I’m Into

Stuff I’m Into Right Now…


The Brooklyn Museum just closed a particularly awesome exhibit on March 1st titled, “Killer Heels.” I viewed last week and had a great time wandering the museum by myself with my iPhone gawking over all of these beautiful versions of heels from past and present. Video describing the exhibit is below.


Analyze that.


Breakfasts recently. 1 egg yolk, 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup sparkling water, 1/2 cup oatmeal, cinnamon (LOTS!) cook on low heat in a small pan with cooking spray. Serve with sugar free maple syrup. Yum diet food <3


Views of New York on the drive from Long Island City / Brooklyn.


Love in the star signs. Great. <3

Chiara Ferragni

Not only am I obsessed with taking selfies… I am also obsessed with taking selfies with selfie-obsessed fashion bloggers turned fashion designers. Chiara Ferragni is arguably the most successful fashion blogger on the planet. Her team is responsible for The Blonde Salad. She’s an inspiration to up-and-coming fashion people and writers in general, showing that yes – you can develop a lucrative and successful career, starting with writing and curating your own website.

Major moment with matching sunglasses. Mine, Illesteva.

photo 7