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The actual best all year round jacket!


Spring is coming! LMAO – using that phrase very loosely since New York is still bitter cold at 37 degrees on Monday, March 23rd. Anyway, spring is apparently going to get here one day in the near future. Or so we hope… 37 degrees to 77 degrees will likely be the case, but whatever. A girl can be hopeful!

Regardless – it’s still cold, and in the “spring” or pseudo springit rains. So it’s very wet, obv and chic solutions are VERY MUCH NEEDED.

Found this amazing jacket at Everlane.com (check it out in the link). Everlane offers designer quality goods without the 5x markup that usually exists. The anorak I purchased in Stone (seen in the photo) is beyond perfect. The fit is slightly oversize but sits really well on the body and its true to size. The jacket is soft, it’s long enough, it has a hood to protect you from the rain, lots of pockets, and great details. The Stone color matches well with black, brown, denim, white, really anything anything! This jacket is FAR beyond a basic. It’s basic enough to be worn day-to-day, yet elevated enough that when you’re wearing it, everyone will ask you where you got it. Highly recommend, combat the elements this Spring with me in this Everlane Anorak Jacket.

Use my link with your first purchase!! https://www.everlane.com/r/ashleybyrd

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