Online Dating

Online dating is something that I’ve had serious trouble committing to. Maybe that statement right there is what my problem is all along… commitment? Nah. Def nah. 


I’m sure many of you can relate. With websites and apps like Tinder, Hinge, CoffeeMeetsBagel, Match, Grindr, and Bumble (fave) – it seems near impossible to avoid conversation of online/app dating. Before iPhone apps, I used think online dating was for “older people.” So I’m definitely thinking….Like am I old enough to do this? Am I now an “older person”? Nope. No more – there are basically preteens on these apps – have to be careful with age limits – weird.

Next question – Should I pay for this?! Am I seriously not good/cool enough in real life to find a person who I can connect with? How can I really get to know somebody from behind their cell phone and a few quick pictures to swipe left or right through? Ugh.

Do people actually find real relationships on these platforms? And if they do, is it legit? Do I want to date somebody who would also be on a dating website? Am I desperate? What if they are desperate? They’ve got to be, right? Otherwise they must only be looking for sex, right?

It’s rare to find somebody who’s legit on Tinder… But then again, doesn’t every single person in the city basically have Tinder? Or some form of it? Even some of my friends in relationships have joined dating websites just to see what all the hype was about. Some other friends of mine are SO against dating apps because they’re not into it at all / it’s sketchy / they’re nervous.

But like, am I ready for this? Like for real ready, not just for fake ready like I’ve always been. Do I really want to meet somebody? Do I really have to date somebody older than me so that they’re mature enough for me?

What am I supposed to do about the guy that I <3 that won’t commit? The one who’s my “best friend.” But we both know we can’t be together. But we both can’t get away from each other because there’s some sort of something. At what point is that not enough? At what point do I need to start the actual living search? Everyone’s opinion is way different obviously. Will I ever be ready?

And even when you think you’ve found “the one,” it could all come crashing down any day. I think meeting people is fun…. but only if I like the person. And then there’s the chance of meeting people who I don’t like. Dating escape stories to be written in another blog…

Also, if you haven’t already- check out Bumble – exceptionally good looking people. I wouldn’t lie.

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