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Keep your head facing forward and move on forward. Don’t look back. Keep others out of your foresight and out of your peripheral. Life will give you what you want when you continue to look only where you want to go. Proceed forward and progress will follow you. Remembering those who have left you in a positive light is the best way to make the happiness return to your present.

Forewarning Does NOT Make it OKAY!

Apologizing for how you are and thinking it’s okay just because you gave a forewarning is THE WORST quality to have while in a relationship. Like — you’re not exempt from general relationship rules because you suck at life. And you know it. Just because you announced it ahead of time does not make it acceptable.

“Announcing that you’re going to behave badly, doesn’t make it okay to behave badly. – Lena Dunham”

It’s NOT okay at all. A frequent conversation goes a little something like this…

Female: I don’t understand why you’re acting strange /don’t want to be with me. I can’t do this anymore.

Male: I told you from the beginning I didn’t want a “serious relationship.”

Female: Yeah, I didn’t want a serious relationship either at first… But then we became so much closer and we’ve been “together” for months. Doesn’t it seem like we should be in a secure relationship instead of guessing all the time?

Male: I told you I was going to hurt you if you got close to me. I don’t know what else to tell you. Sigh.


Thanks for the forewarning, psycho. Who do you think you are… a……..dundundun…. GIRL?! No. You’re not. So decide what you want. Or at least, if you don’t want to be with the girl – tell her straight up. Give her a reason. Better yet, think of 3 solid reasons why! I use 3 because I’ve always been told 3 examples is a solid rule of thumb to prove a point – basic elementary school, right?…. uhhh?

GUYS – Think about the real reasons why you don’t want to be with this female and tell her. It’s probably going to hurt her feelings (a little bit) and it may even make you feel like shit (for a little bit) – but I think it’s much better form than saying some bogus, bullshit excuse like, “I told you before that I’m not good at relationships.”

Better Example:

Female: I don’t understand why you don’t want to be with me…?

Male: I told you I wasn’t sure how I would be in a relationship and honestly I’m still not ready for that with you. I’m not where I want to be in my career. I’m looking for work in a different city which may cause me to move, so I don’t feel comfortable getting into a deeper relationship with you at this time in my life. I hope you understand and I don’t want to continue to string you along. I also don’t like your cats.

Female: K, thanks for letting me know. F you though, my cats rule. Bye!

End. Done. Clean break.

P.S. I’m not a cat lady but I thought the cats would be funny to incorporate. I think I was wrong.

photo credit: @crimebydesign




Since there has been so much convo in New York lately about the #NewWhitney, I obviously had to check it out. Clearly because it just re-opened AND because it moved from uptown to the Meatpacking District (already full of art, culture, food, nightclubs, and The High Line) – MPD was needing a chic betchy museum.

FYI use your valid student ID if you still have one or if your schools student ID’s never had an expiration date! (Thanks Siena! Wonder when it will stop working?) Also FYI on Fridays, the entry price is “donation based” so if you don’t have $22 for a full priced ticket, you can check it out on the cheaps!

“America is Hard To See” is the current theme.

Some notable pieces are below:

Some of my favorites for obvious reasons are:

It ended up being a gorgeous day, making it even better to soak up some rays on the museum’s outside patio. I used walking through the outside staircase to get from floor to floor. Whitney is the chicest museum out.  

Things I’m Into

Hope everyone is having a great week – it’s almost FRIDAY! Below are some of the random things I’ve been into lately.

I really enjoy when old things that are typically ugly are turned into beautiful pieces of art. This building in Beacon, NY is covered in different street art pieces which totally beautifies the otherwise dull and drab space. <3

Gotta love a great food photo and recommendation! Brunch a few weeks ago with some of my girlfriends at Anella in Brooklyn (Greenpoint). Fried Chicken Biscuit is pictured below with a really delicious cole slaw. They have some great specialty cocktails as well. We enjoyed a lavender infused sparkling white wine.


Cool for a DIY project – think table names or numbers at weddings?!?! Different license plate word combinations. Saw these at a little shop in Venice Beach, CA.  Also I have no idea how to DIY this – so if you’re actually interested in doing that – go on Pinterest (also follow me on Pinterest – I sometimes randomly pin things when I’m bored like twice a year)!!!


I’m also posting this fantastically delicious looking DOUBLE! (yes, double – woof) cheeseburger from In & Out. I mean because it was my first one and doesn’t everybody post a picture of their food when they go to In & Out Burger? Not sure why because I wouldn’t typically photograph my fast food – I’d likely just eat it in the car on the way to doing something. Isn’t that why you bought it? Because it’s fast? Whatever. Feast your eyes.


Lastly, I’m sort of obsessed with this photo below of a random bro on the Venice Beach boardwalk. No, I do not know this bro, but I do know that he was doing the exact same thing I was doing. Walking around by himself. Except he wasn’t taking creepy pictures of me from afar. OK weird, Ash!



Melrose Trading Post

Obsessed. I’ve been spending a bunch of time in LA in 2015, so I’m going to share a few of my favorite experiences while I’ve been on the west coast. Melrose Trading Post is an outdoor flea market where tons of vendors and artisans come to sell their products – a lot of it is vintage – which I LOVE.  (I thought).

I’ve been having this internal battle about vintage things. Do I actually LOVE or am I mildly creeped out by old things that people have used before? This is actually an absurd way to feel. And it’s even more absurd to be having feelings that I’m admitting in this blog about vintage items. Like how am I actually entertaining the fact that I’m having feelings about whether or not I’m into vintage things and flea markets?

I’m easily overwhelmed by a lot of shit* in a small place. Curating the perfect closet or home full of vintage pieces can take time and selecting the items can be a lot of fun, even educational and inspirational. However, it’s less fun with crowds hordes of people and unlimited amounts of shit.*

* Obviously the items are not all “shit,” I just like using the word shit instead of things. “Things” are boring. Shit is cooler. 😉

Whatever –  I wish I could be more vintage loving. Maybe I’m not hippie enough to be that way? But I definitely am hippie enough to love certain vintage things. Just not full force 100%.

Furniture – I’m 100% down with. 200%. So fucking down. If I was decorating a space on the west coast, I would fully commit to furnishing some super cool pieces from Melrose Trading Post.

Until then, it’s fucking awesome. I highly recommend visiting – they’re open Sunday mornings at 9:00AM PCT. But maybe take Xanax beforehand.

Before entering Melrose - getting ready for the beautiful chaos.
Before entering Melrose – getting ready for the beautiful chaos.