Things I’m Into

Hope everyone is having a great week – it’s almost FRIDAY! Below are some of the random things I’ve been into lately.

I really enjoy when old things that are typically ugly are turned into beautiful pieces of art. This building in Beacon, NY is covered in different street art pieces which totally beautifies the otherwise dull and drab space. <3

Gotta love a great food photo and recommendation! Brunch a few weeks ago with some of my girlfriends at Anella in Brooklyn (Greenpoint). Fried Chicken Biscuit is pictured below with a really delicious cole slaw. They have some great specialty cocktails as well. We enjoyed a lavender infused sparkling white wine.


Cool for a DIY project – think table names or numbers at weddings?!?! Different license plate word combinations. Saw these at a little shop in Venice Beach, CA.  Also I have no idea how to DIY this – so if you’re actually interested in doing that – go on Pinterest (also follow me on Pinterest – I sometimes randomly pin things when I’m bored like twice a year)!!!


I’m also posting this fantastically delicious looking DOUBLE! (yes, double – woof) cheeseburger from In & Out. I mean because it was my first one and doesn’t everybody post a picture of their food when they go to In & Out Burger? Not sure why because I wouldn’t typically photograph my fast food – I’d likely just eat it in the car on the way to doing something. Isn’t that why you bought it? Because it’s fast? Whatever. Feast your eyes.


Lastly, I’m sort of obsessed with this photo below of a random bro on the Venice Beach boardwalk. No, I do not know this bro, but I do know that he was doing the exact same thing I was doing. Walking around by himself. Except he wasn’t taking creepy pictures of me from afar. OK weird, Ash!



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