Since there has been so much convo in New York lately about the #NewWhitney, I obviously had to check it out. Clearly because it just re-opened AND because it moved from uptown to the Meatpacking District (already full of art, culture, food, nightclubs, and The High Line) – MPD was needing a chic betchy museum.

FYI use your valid student ID if you still have one or if your schools student ID’s never had an expiration date! (Thanks Siena! Wonder when it will stop working?) Also FYI on Fridays, the entry price is “donation based” so if you don’t have $22 for a full priced ticket, you can check it out on the cheaps!

“America is Hard To See” is the current theme.

Some notable pieces are below:

Some of my favorites for obvious reasons are:

It ended up being a gorgeous day, making it even better to soak up some rays on the museum’s outside patio. I used walking through the outside staircase to get from floor to floor. Whitney is the chicest museum out.  

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