Setting our Intentions for the Weekend!
Setting our Intentions for the Weekend! (Yeah BRO!)

Festival season, anyone? OMG I’m sure you’ve heard about every freakin’ festival out there by now, right? TBH you’re probably saying to yourself – coooooool. DILLIGAF? Nope. This one’s different though – although it’s a music festival, it’s more of a health and wellness festival. So chic. Wanderlust was perfect!!! For those unfamiliar, it’s a glorious 4-day event celebrating community & mindful living. It’s about practicing yoga, being outdoors, eating well, spiritual meditation & relaxation, being green, strengthening, hiking, learning, creating awareness and being surrounded by some of the greatest people on the planet. Also some awesome musicians and a LOT of celebrating life. Overall an amazing event created by Lululemon and attended by thousands from all over the world.

The D’om Lit Up Upon Arrival for Us on Friday Night
Even made friends - shocking!
Even made friends – I’m getting so much better at this whole “people” thing!

There are various types of yoga classes or meditation seminars or hikes to sign up for. There’s literally something for everybody. Two of my college roomies / BFF’s and I went to Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont and had an epic and hysterical adventure. I say hysterical because the lodge we stayed in was “as nice as” many of the European hostiles I stayed in while traveling abroad in college. RATCHET.


Saturday we took 3 fantastic yoga classes with fab instructors from all over the world (2 from Washington DC!). My favorite class was called Yogarina (yoga/ballet fusion) taught by Beau Campbell with a live violinist Haana playing and singing 100% improv which was rad!!

MC Yogi‘s classes were sold out – seriously uplifting and a lot of fun. He makes yoga really relevant, exciting and fresh. He played some old school r&b, reggae and hip hop during class – along with some of his personal rhymes. Meaningful share session and he definitely makes traditional vinyasa yoga a ton of fun.

One of the sponsors for a huge yoga room / tent
One of the sponsors for a huge yoga room / tent
Not exactly sure what this is but I love it anyway
Not exactly sure what this is but I love it anyway

4.5 Hours of yoga on Saturday. This photo is after class #2, right before class #3. #sweat much?



Inside of the Lululemon D'Om
Inside of the Lululemon D’Om

One of my favorite things by far was this DJ spinning inside of the Lululemon D’Om treehouse all day long.

Tons of booths with free samples of really amazing products. Stocked up on Quest Bars (fave!) Lots of vendors with great sustainable, eco-friendly and straight up cool products to buy. Surrendered old sunscreen to purchase new, amazing, chemical-free sunblock from Goddess Garden. Check them out – amazing. Really awesome gear from Folk Rebellion – highly recommend checking them out. I obviously spent way too much money on things like that of course…

Marnie filling in SandArt paint? Relaxing... it lasted all of 30 seconds. <3
Marnie filling in SandArt paint? Relaxing… it lasted all of 30 seconds. <3

Kaitlin got to meet one of her favorite artists, Trevor Hall (kind of a reggae / rock mix). He’s actually the reason why this trip even happened for us. So that was amazing and happy!


I’ll speak for all the betches saying that we enjoyed this festival a whole lot and cannot wait to go back again next year!!

Byredo Store Open in NYC

Byredo perfume very recently opened up shop at 62 Wooster St. in Manhattan – their first U.S. brick and mortar store. I’m a lover of Byredo and the new store is heavenly. Beautifully decorated and somewhat of a “must stop in” while shopping in Soho. The perfumer is Stockholm based and is a fabulous purveyor and creator of scents. I’m a cult follower of Gypsy Water and newly obsessed with Bal D’Afrique. Sunday Cologne. Blanche. Flowerhead.


I perused scents with Valentine, a Sales Associate (and total gem!) and he let me smell and try everything while providing suggestions. He showed me around the new shop and told me more about how Ben Gorham settled on the different pieces of furniture around the studio and how he’s displaying this gorgeous collection.


He told me that the handbags have been a project in the works for over 3 years and were finally launched as a capsule collection with Barney’s. All of the handbags have now settled in the full collection located in the gorgeous subtly branded space in Soho. The store is CHIC. Quiet and smells deliciously of candles. Fun fact: none of the candles smell like the fragrances. They’re all very different (all fabulous) – the one scent that smells “most like” any of the fragrances is a collabo candle with Inez & Vinoodh called “1996” – it’s amazing – TRUST. Bibliotheque is my fave candle scent.

One of my favorite silhouettes
Collaboration with Oliver People's - Fragrances with matching Sunglasses. <3
Collaboration with Oliver People’s – Fragrances with matching Sunglasses. <3

The scents are moderately priced, starting at $145, but 100% well worth it. Quality stays.  And it’s proven with the quantity of compliments received while wearing the beautiful fragrances.

More love from Soho soon! Byredo is at the forefront of U.S. and NYC super stardom. Available at Barney’s, online at Net-A-Porter and now at 62 Wooster St.



Sunset Overlooking the Great South Bay from Smith Point Beach, Long Island, NY

Sunsets are a happy reminder that the day is coming to a close. Everything will begin again tomorrow. Maybe today is your tomorrow. Everything takes time. Cyclical reminders from the world – you’ll get there.

Henna Lipstick?

Henna lipstick is so chic right now. Henna?! Like the stuff that’s drawn on hands and arms? Yes. Well, kinda. I’ll explain… AND it RULES!

Very cheap looking green packaging. Not impressed.
Very cheap looking green packaging. Not impressed.

Unimpressed by the packaging, looks extremely “made in China” …

Green inside? OK, I'm intrigued... Let's see if this stuff really works...

But the green inside? It makes me very intrigued and I cannot wait to try it on!

The lip balm reacts to your body’s natural PH and temperature. So each wearer will experience a slightly different hue of pink. On some it can look pink, others more red, and I dig that. Your own personalized lip color – like NO other. Special, of course!

Goes on clear… Not green! As seen in the pictures. The photos speak 100% for themselves…


I did a half lip test so see if you could immediately tell the difference and you totally can! This is instantaneous BTW – no waiting time at all. And if you apply more, the color appears richer. And for the first approximately 10 minutes I think the color gets better and better!

So does it last for a really long time? Yes, but no. Further experimentation by my fabulous roommate @elizsawicki and I… I would say you’ll get in a good 12 hours of color. It will fade over time but not like lipstick does. It goes on your lips like any lip balm would and in my opinion it moistens and nourishes like a lip balm would as well.

It kisses pink too! Like if you kiss a piece of paper… it’s pink! This is the eBay link I purchased mine from.

Update!!! One of my favorite lipstick brands, {Lipstick Queen} has released “Frog Prince” – aka HIGH QUALITY & AMAZING magic lipstick! Go there, duh.

Before & After Comparison


Summer Reads

I frequently ask for and love to hear recommendations for books to read. However, I’m not one for the sappy romantic novel, or the famous author who writes 15 of the same style murder mysteries. I like reading and learning and hearing the perspectives of others, inspiring others and encouraging others to do well.

That being said, I’ve read a few books lately that I figured I would pass on to all of you fabulous people – most are geared toward women so bear with me, guys!

Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin


EVERY GIRL SHOULD READ THIS BOOK IMMEDIATELY. Especially if you’re in your 20’s/30’s and have no idea about anything regarding finance or money. Even if you do, Lapin has an edgy, bitchy way of breaking it down into terms that any real betch can understand. It’s liquid gold. Or solid. Whichever you prefer.

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are * Love, Style, and Bad Habits by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas


I’m currently reading this book for the 4th time fully through (that’s why the cover is so dirty). I constantly reference the quotes and stories and quick (sometimes 1, 2, 3 page) “chapters” for hysterical advice. Makes me feel chic whenever I’m feeling basic. Parisians do it well and you can do it just as well as soon as you start taking yourself less seriously.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up – the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo


Literally mind-blowing. For any of you psychotic OCD “cleaners” out there or for people like myself who are traditionally on the “hot mess express,” this book is for you. I read it in less than 24 hours. It’s quick and gives legit tips to declutter your life and starting with the space you live in. Sounds silly but the perspective is much clearer than most people can relate to.

Front Roe: How to Be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life by Louise Roe


Pretty casual style book giving tips and tricks on how to “get it” and be awesome. Lots of confidence boosters and helpful things to do to get your shit together, fashionably and personally.

Cupcakes & Cashmere At Home by Emily Schuman


One of my favorite bloggers recently debuted her 2nd book giving lifestyle tips, tricks and advice for your home. My favorite part is that she gives ideas for every room or space in the home for both homeowners and renters (me). Great photos and ideas throughout – can be read in an afternoon, but awesome to reference.

Honorable mention to Kim Kardashian West’s #Selfish by Rizzoli. 😉