Henna Lipstick?

Henna lipstick is so chic right now. Henna?! Like the stuff that’s drawn on hands and arms? Yes. Well, kinda. I’ll explain… AND it RULES!

Very cheap looking green packaging. Not impressed.
Very cheap looking green packaging. Not impressed.

Unimpressed by the packaging, looks extremely “made in China” …

Green inside? OK, I'm intrigued... Let's see if this stuff really works...

But the green inside? It makes me very intrigued and I cannot wait to try it on!

The lip balm reacts to your body’s natural PH and temperature. So each wearer will experience a slightly different hue of pink. On some it can look pink, others more red, and I dig that. Your own personalized lip color – like NO other. Special, of course!

Goes on clear… Not green! As seen in the pictures. The photos speak 100% for themselves…


I did a half lip test so see if you could immediately tell the difference and you totally can! This is instantaneous BTW – no waiting time at all. And if you apply more, the color appears richer. And for the first approximately 10 minutes I think the color gets better and better!

So does it last for a really long time? Yes, but no. Further experimentation by my fabulous roommate @elizsawicki and I… I would say you’ll get in a good 12 hours of color. It will fade over time but not like lipstick does. It goes on your lips like any lip balm would and in my opinion it moistens and nourishes like a lip balm would as well.

It kisses pink too! Like if you kiss a piece of paper… it’s pink! This is the eBay link I purchased mine from.

Update!!! One of my favorite lipstick brands, {Lipstick Queen} has released “Frog Prince” – aka HIGH QUALITY & AMAZING magic lipstick! Go there, duh.

Before & After Comparison


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