Setting our Intentions for the Weekend!
Setting our Intentions for the Weekend! (Yeah BRO!)

Festival season, anyone? OMG I’m sure you’ve heard about every freakin’ festival out there by now, right? TBH you’re probably saying to yourself – coooooool. DILLIGAF? Nope. This one’s different though – although it’s a music festival, it’s more of a health and wellness festival. So chic. Wanderlust was perfect!!! For those unfamiliar, it’s a glorious 4-day event celebrating community & mindful living. It’s about practicing yoga, being outdoors, eating well, spiritual meditation & relaxation, being green, strengthening, hiking, learning, creating awareness and being surrounded by some of the greatest people on the planet. Also some awesome musicians and a LOT of celebrating life. Overall an amazing event created by Lululemon and attended by thousands from all over the world.

The D’om Lit Up Upon Arrival for Us on Friday Night
Even made friends - shocking!
Even made friends – I’m getting so much better at this whole “people” thing!

There are various types of yoga classes or meditation seminars or hikes to sign up for. There’s literally something for everybody. Two of my college roomies / BFF’s and I went to Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont and had an epic and hysterical adventure. I say hysterical because the lodge we stayed in was “as nice as” many of the European hostiles I stayed in while traveling abroad in college. RATCHET.


Saturday we took 3 fantastic yoga classes with fab instructors from all over the world (2 from Washington DC!). My favorite class was called Yogarina (yoga/ballet fusion) taught by Beau Campbell with a live violinist Haana playing and singing 100% improv which was rad!!

MC Yogi‘s classes were sold out – seriously uplifting and a lot of fun. He makes yoga really relevant, exciting and fresh. He played some old school r&b, reggae and hip hop during class – along with some of his personal rhymes. Meaningful share session and he definitely makes traditional vinyasa yoga a ton of fun.

One of the sponsors for a huge yoga room / tent
One of the sponsors for a huge yoga room / tent
Not exactly sure what this is but I love it anyway
Not exactly sure what this is but I love it anyway

4.5 Hours of yoga on Saturday. This photo is after class #2, right before class #3. #sweat much?



Inside of the Lululemon D'Om
Inside of the Lululemon D’Om

One of my favorite things by far was this DJ spinning inside of the Lululemon D’Om treehouse all day long.

Tons of booths with free samples of really amazing products. Stocked up on Quest Bars (fave!) Lots of vendors with great sustainable, eco-friendly and straight up cool products to buy. Surrendered old sunscreen to purchase new, amazing, chemical-free sunblock from Goddess Garden. Check them out – amazing. Really awesome gear from Folk Rebellion – highly recommend checking them out. I obviously spent way too much money on things like that of course…

Marnie filling in SandArt paint? Relaxing... it lasted all of 30 seconds. <3
Marnie filling in SandArt paint? Relaxing… it lasted all of 30 seconds. <3

Kaitlin got to meet one of her favorite artists, Trevor Hall (kind of a reggae / rock mix). He’s actually the reason why this trip even happened for us. So that was amazing and happy!


I’ll speak for all the betches saying that we enjoyed this festival a whole lot and cannot wait to go back again next year!!

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