Active Summer

For some reason, everybody has a little more time for fun in the summer. Obviously the days are longer… but usually the fun lasts longer too! Below are some fun things I’ve done this summer outside!

SUP in Sag Harbor Cove, New York

SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) for 3 but more like… 2 paddle boards tied together with drawstring from a wet bag because one was missing a fin & didn’t move well… so whoever got the back board chilled while the 2 on the front board had to work. By work I mean take selfies.



Kayaking in the Peconic River – Riverhead, New York

Little afternoon kayak through the Peconic River. You can definitely pack a lunch & some bev’s! You have to buddy system though because there really isn’t room for a cooler. 🙂 Gives your abs, back and shoulders a nice little workout!

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Shorefront Park, Patchogue, New York

Great South Bay Music Festival was held at Shorefront Park in Patchogue, NY on July 16-19, 2015. It’s a 4 day music festival that’s beginning to draw bigger and better names every year! This year I attended on Thursday night and saw Colbie Caillat, Christina Perri (not to be confused with Katy), and Rachel Platten of “Fight Song.” 311 was also a popular name to play this festival. Great way to spend the evening outside by the water.



Sagg Main Beach, Sagaponack, New York 

Let’s be honest, activity is nice – but relaxing on the beach is much nicer!  Add wine and you’re done. Workout is biceps (lifting your wine glass to your face & repeat).


Summer is halfway over – sorry to say – Sooooooo get outside and enjoy the rest of it! Xx

Wearing Out My Closet

I have way too much clothing that I do not wear. It’s all good stuff that I likely definitely spent a lot of $$$$ on. I’m not planning to wear stuff that’s not in style or current – BUT – I need to find something – some way to wear my old items.

Before I was obsessed with black, I didn’t own anything black. (fun fact)

In middle school and high school, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t sell black clothes – so your girl did not participate in the black clothing movement. Sad, but true.

I would borrow my Mom’s work clothes or going out clothes to pass them off for the only day of the year I had to wear black. That day was for music department concerts for school – so yeah, 3x per year for a solid 4-5 hours each time. I’ll go with a max wear of 24 hours/year. Yes, year! Nowadays, I wear black 24 hours/day in some form.  (FYI – I played the Clarinet through senior year of HS). 

So my colorful wardrobe exists – man does it exist. Because I hate getting rid of things. I’m going to begin a serious purge. Continuous purge if you will.

Check out my Poshmark app on the side of my blog to check out some of my recent purges and how I’m trying to capitalize from my overactive spending and overly full closet… and jewelry box… and clothing rack… and dresser…and armoire…and bins in attics and basements of my close friends and family members.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.48.18 PM

How To: Survive WITHOUT Your iPhone: Day 1

Step 1: Wake Up Slow… because your iPhone broke overnight, your alarm will not go off and you’re going to just have to figure it out when you wake up. You had weird dreams too and you can’t even text your best friends about them because no phone. Hopefully you use iCloud or backed up your phone recently…. yeah. I really F-ing hope I did. UGHHHH.

Step 2: Log in to your email. Check email. Email people that will be trying to reach you throughout the day that your phone is done for and to email you instead. Reschedule all phone calls you may have so you can call the person instead of them calling you.

Step 3: Make an appointment at the Apple Store….. for 3 days from now. HOW EFFICIENT, APPLE!!!!?!!?!?! Thanks for nothing.

Step 4: Contemplate doing whatever else you’re supposed to do today without having the following benefits of an iPhone or a cell phone in general.

– GPS / Google Maps / Waze – basically, research where you’re traveling to ahead of time on your laptop (if you have one), write it down? or print it out? (if you have a printer) OR follow street signs like an archaic animal that you now are. Sorry civilization leaves your body completely when you are without beloved iPhone.

– Instagram: I mean – this hurts. But don’t you dare tell me that it’s important enough to log on to your Instagram through your laptop just to check out what your psycho friends and the celebs you stalk are doing. It’s not that good… and if it is that good, your friends will text you in group chat about it…. OH WAIT… (like I said, you’re F’d).

Step 5: Cry and scream when you realize that you’ve LOST everything on your iPhone that’s important to you since the last time your stupid iPhone display broke (less than 1 month ago). Cry more. But don’t really cry just have a mean RBF that will not leave your body. FOREVER.

Step 6: Wait until tomorrow…

Mixology Grand Re-Opening in WHB

Wölffer Estate RosĂ©, Montauk Brewing Co. Summer Ale & Pellegrino. Flower halos by TMG for days, funky jewelry, candles by Jonathan Adler & more. A wide selection of clothing available in store & in their online boutique – both beach chic & going out vibes. Tons of denim. Graphic tees with the BESSTTTTT sayings. Amazing accessories, too!



Celebrity DJ Nicole Stillings spinning all afternoon. Pictured below.


Michelle Madonna “That Madonna Girl” founder and CEO of FlowerChildrenOnly pictured below in her super popular pink meow crown. I’m wearing “The Marianna.” So many different types of flower halos available in store.

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@Shopmixology event was a beautiful success on a gorgeous afternoon in WHB! Saturday, July 11 2015. Highly suggest checking them out!


Eddie Borgo for Target

Eddie Borgo for Target is available for purchase this weekend, Sunday, July 12th! Target’s designer collaborations bring luxury to everyday consumers in a huge way; with an affordable price point, top-notch quality and super chic aesthetic. This is a first-of-it’s-kind, limited edition collaboration with the jewelry and handbag designer, Eddie Borgo. He has created authentic jewelry, handbags and wall art (think dreamcatchers…so RAD!)

Eddie Borgo for Target Dreamcatcher - photo from Target Style
Eddie Borgo for Target Dreamcatcher – photo from Target Style

Eddie’s collection is MAJOR. He’s a passionate designer who likes to get it right and makes sure that every piece he works on is special. And his Target collection is just that – completely special, beautiful and totally customizable! Creating a custom aspect to the Target collection is the best move I’ve seen a designer ever fuse into a department store collabo. Everybody wants it, but nobody wants the same thing as everybody else, right? So now you can have what you like, but you can change it up to however you prefer. So your new Eddie Borgo necklace that the girl in line behind you is also purchasing will be completely different after you add in other charms.

Love this Marble Clutch!!! (Photo from Target Style)
Love this Marble Clutch!!! (Photo from Target Style)

“We created components that all come apart and go back together – everything’s convertible,” said designer Eddie Borgo. “I’ve never seen this type of collaboration in the marketplace. It’s the first of its kind.”

Target’s look book which was released on June 22, 2015 captures beautiful photos of the DIY items and features both Eddie Borgo and the supermodel for this campaign, Poppy Delevigne.

photo from Target Style
photo from Target Style

My favorite part about this collection is how much both Eddie Borgo & Target are incorporating the users into the story of this launch. The goal is to get everyone involved and share the creative objects that everyone is making with these customizable products. If you purchase and make something definitely #EddieBorgoforTarget.

This awesome video shows the launch in NYC and more about Eddie’s personal insight into the collection!

My picks are anything marble printed and the dreamcatcher for sure!

from Target Style
from Target Style Launch Party in NYC

“Priced from $7.99 to $49.99 the Eddie Borgo for Target collection will be available at select Target stores and beginning Sunday, July 12. Follow @TargetStyle and @EddieBorgo and join the conversation on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #EddieBorgoforTarget.”

4th Weekend at DPFI

July 4th weekend is one of my favorites of the whole year. Pure, American fun. Davis Park, NY is where I spent my extended holiday weekend that turned into basically a full week. Davis is located on Fire Island, (off of the south shore of Long Island). This point of Fire Island can be accessed only by ferry or boar, while other areas can be accessed by bridge. You’ve more likely heard of popular locations further west on LI (The Pines or Cherry Grove (leaving Sayville) or OBP, Ocean Beach, Kismet, Fair Harbor, etc leaving from Bay Shore). Davis is a gem though.


Davis is a much smaller community than others on FI with very few shops, restaurants and even homes. TRULY escaping the hustle & bustle. And it’s amazing. No hotels.  Most homeowners rent on a weekly basis so the quick, weekend party getaways are to a minimum (obviously not what my friends do — kidding). So Davis is much more “family oriented” for sure with a fun, party scene on weekends.


There’s one bar on the island “The Casino Bar,” one nicer restaurant “The Casino Cafe“, the Harbor Store (where you can purchase everything you forgot), and a beach shack with fried food and ice cream – America’s faves!

USA sneakers on the 4th of July <3
USA sneakers on the 4th of July <3 (from American Apparel) 

DPFI is a hidden gem on the Long Island beach scene. It has that “everybody knows everybody” vibe. It’s raging on the weekends. But it’s extremely peaceful and quiet (the Tuesday after a holiday weekend, after everyone leaves). Overall a great place to visit, check it out!