Wearing Out My Closet

I have way too much clothing that I do not wear. It’s all good stuff that I likely definitely spent a lot of $$$$ on. I’m not planning to wear stuff that’s not in style or current – BUT – I need to find something – some way to wear my old items.

Before I was obsessed with black, I didn’t own anything black. (fun fact)

In middle school and high school, Abercrombie & Fitch didn’t sell black clothes – so your girl did not participate in the black clothing movement. Sad, but true.

I would borrow my Mom’s work clothes or going out clothes to pass them off for the only day of the year I had to wear black. That day was for music department concerts for school – so yeah, 3x per year for a solid 4-5 hours each time. I’ll go with a max wear of 24 hours/year. Yes, year! Nowadays, I wear black 24 hours/day in some form.  (FYI – I played the Clarinet through senior year of HS). 

So my colorful wardrobe exists – man does it exist. Because I hate getting rid of things. I’m going to begin a serious purge. Continuous purge if you will.

Check out my Poshmark app on the side of my blog to check out some of my recent purges and how I’m trying to capitalize from my overactive spending and overly full closet… and jewelry box… and clothing rack… and dresser…and armoire…and bins in attics and basements of my close friends and family members.


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