Rubber Mask

“K-Beauty” or Korean Beauty is a huge part of the beauty movement right now.

Pure, porcelain, clean skin is the ideal image and that’s exactly what I want. No matter the tone, I think that’s what all skin types want. K-beauty offers skincare that cleanses, targets super specific problem areas and protects. Also all about hydration!

So I purchased some chic new beauty products from Glow Recipe because I’ve been hearing so much about how awesome these specific skincare regimes are. #Rubbermasking has been trending and how great it makes your skin feel immediately.


Today on my lunch break (highly productive!), I met with Co-Founder of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang, to hear more about the new Charcoal Rubber Modeling Mask that Lindsay, a skincare brand they carry just launched. We sampled the mask and talked about what type of K skincare I should be using for my combination/oily T-Zone skin. Being that I’m constantly on the search for new products and things that actually work – I’m 100% down with the K beauty kick and I’m not getting off yet!

The Details

The rubbermask comes in a DIY, but ready-to-go Cup-A-Noodles style package. This time I used the Collagen Modeling Mask.


“Just add water,” but literally.


Add a little less than to the line it suggests and start mixing with the provided spatula until it becomes a cake mix-like texture.


Then begin to spread it on your face, THICK. Don’t be afraid, you want to use as much of it as you can – like all of it. Avoid the eye area. And the hair area / eyebrows / and mouth and nose. There are detailed instructions provided so follow them!



Let sit for 15 minutes or so and you’ll see the mask starting to lift at the edges. The thicker you apply, the easier it is to take off! You’ll literally be able to peel the entire mask off in one easy piece if its thick enough. Maybe a few pieces, but hardly any mess at all. After a few minutes, the mask actually turns super cold which I thought was interesting.



Christine said it perfectly, that it’s “very satisfying!” The best part about these masks are that there are many different types! I have another one to try out, can’t wait to continue on with my K-Beauty regime. I left Glow Recipe today with a bunch of samples too, which I can’t wait to try out!

The Price

$6 each – OMG, yes. That inexpensive! Sick!! Glow Recipe offers free shipping with orders over $50, so you should probably do that because who wants to pay for shipping?

Nothing is Weird

Nothing is weird in NYC.

Everything that’s considered different or weird or against cultural or social norms elsewhere in the USA, is just straight up blasé in NYC.

The strong smell of coffee as you walk down the street. Or urine. Normal.

Is it because there is such diversity here and that everyone is a little bit “different,” that the totally completely weird shit just blends right in?

Don’t even talk to me about the basics. They blend so far in to the scenery that it’s as if they’re invisible.

But that crazy couple you see on the subway, you glance at for a quick sec but then immediately go back to doing whatever you were doing before because:
1. It’s rude to stare and they may actually DO something about it.
2. It’s not actually that out of the ordinary that there are people in NYC that are behaving as strangely as they are.

Leading to my conclusion that nobody here is weird. Everyone has their own style and their own way of life that it’s all “just the way it is.” This is definitely why NYC is so diverse.

I’m still blatantly confused on how and why racism still exists. Especially in New York City. Based on all of the recent riots, police activity, activists and protesters in this city; racism is obviously still evident and relevant. I am at a point why I don’t understand how or why. Like – everyone coexists here – let people with different or opposing beliefs than you have, be. Let them go. Let them be. You don’t have to associate with them if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of living in this beautiful city full of opportunities and growth and change. You can do you and they can do them.

So as I mildly observe that “strange” couple on the subway looking and almost begging for attention, I then immediately briefly glance at my phone and easily look away. Because I’m not phased by them and don’t care enough to make a face at them or really give any facial expression whatsoever. Maybe that’s the rude New Yorker in me. Maybe that’s what this city does to people. Who’s to say, really? Just the thoughts of one random girl taking whatever interesting experiences I can from this lively, diverse and exceptionally weird perfect city we all know and love, NYC.

My Everyday View
My Everyday View

Poolside Collective

The summer has (sadly) come to a close, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Check out an exclusive interview with the creators of Poolside Collective, a move-able concept shop located at The Montauk Beach House all of summer 2015. One of my favorite spots in Montauk, it’s centrally located and tbh, the sickest concept shop in MTK. Been repping my Poolside shirt all summer! I caught up with Ashley Hults and Lee Ann Bulgin to learn a bit more about their shop and what’s in store for the future of Poolside Collective.


– What was your favorite day from the Summer 2015?

It’s so hard to pick just one – every day was different and fun in it’s own way. Something new was always going on Poolside and we met such great people who have become lasting friends.

– What do you ladies get in to in the off season? 

Poolside Collective is opening two stores this winter – one at Maderas Village in Nicaragua and one at the Mondrian in Miami!


– What are some of the most challenging aspects you’ve found while running a seasonally based brick & mortar / moving business?

There is a LOT to coordinate. We are definitely streamlining our processes going forward. While this was a challenge, it was also a big learning experience and is leading us towards increased efficiency, which is great!

– Social media is a strong driver of business, especially e-commerce. Your collection on IG is impressive – how do you curate your Instagram photos? For example, what style do you go for in the photos? What’s the thought process there? Do you have planned pictures?

Thank you!! We take a lot of pride in our IG! We made sales through social media and were connected with people from around the world. To answer your questions:

Curation is led by emotion and feel, but we like to mix up product photos with poolside scenery, very specific re-grams that align with our brand,  and select user generated content that we feel makes sense for us aesthetically. We also sometimes like to give people a view into who we are as the founders. 

We worked with a dear friend, @_samhillman to create a lot of amazing content this year. You will see her tagged in many of our images.

We generally use A6 on the app VSCO to filter, but we love bright images and anything with a great blue color. We increase brightness, contrast and sharpness but decrease temperature. Images that are overly yellow/orange/brown don’t really align with our Poolside vibe. 

You may see series before major initiatives. We have been thinking about gramming only red images in our exact pantone color after we close Montauk and before we open Nicaragua and Miami. 

We just started using shared photo streams to manage all of our inspiration, product selects and imagery and it’s a game changer!! We love it! 

– What are some of your personal favorite brands and do the products you feature at “Poolside Collective” reflect your personal style?

AshleighSome of my personal favorites include Zimmerman, ACNE, Frame Denim and Isabel Marant. I recently discovered Elder Statesman and it has become an obsession – especially this one tye die men’s cashmere sweater. I love Thaddeus O’Neil’s new women’s line and Calle Del Mar, which we sell in the shop – both are sick luxury apres surf gear or “playwear.” We sell Cotton Citizen Tee Shirts, which are the best for fit and comfort! My personal style is a mix of high end luxury with ripped up jeans and vintage or plain white tee shirts. My uniform is a pair of ripped vintage denim shorts from LF, a cropped white John Patrick Organic t shirt from Otte in NYC, white leather Chanel slides, a dark blue vintage mechanics jacket with a “Montauk” patch on it from Share With and a red bandana from a dear friend’s creative collectives called “BEST” which I wrap around my wrist as a bracelet. I always have on 6 dainty gold necklaces of varying lengths and meaning.

Lee Ann: I’m a fan of A.L.C., J brand, Stone Cold Fox and DVF.  I personally love classic styles in luxe fabrics and textures and mostly neutral colors, with the occasional pop and printed accessory. I’m most comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans or ripped denim shorts, the perfect fitting white tee, my new fav being Cotton Citizen from the shop and a worn in black leather jacket. We carry the best sunglasses so it’s always fun to complete a look with a great pair. My summer favorites were from Westaward Leaning and Le Paul Eyewear. Ashleigh and I have very different styles but appreciate the others’ so much that we often fall in love with pieces and brands we normally wouldn’t.  It’s amazing to have a partner that encourages discovery and evolving style, because that’s something that is always changing!


– Do you have plans for next summer and how do you see the business growing in years to come? 

We are so excited for next summer. This past year, we put the store together in 2 months. With a year to plan, the sky is the limit!!! We will definitely launch an online shop as well. Stay tuned 😉

– You’ve had many successful collaborations – what types of companies and businesses are you excited to collaborate with in the future? 

Our goal is to always offer people things they have never seen before and can’t find anywhere else. We want to continuously put the “poolside” lifestyle out there. We will be launching a selection of private label “poolside” gear and will collaborate on signature items that represent us. We love collaborating with creative talent; artists, writers, stylists, musicians, doers and thinkers. When great minds come together, amazing things are produced!  We’re open to all possibilites, but know that certain products make sense for certain locations. A collaborative art t-shirt could be great in Miami during Art Basel, but might not make as much sense for Nicaragua.

– The collection is beautifully curated with interesting pieces from local and worldwide vendors. Where do you draw inspiration while selecting pieces that you’ll show?

 We get this question a lot and we never know how to answer it. Finding cool brands that we love and want to tell people about is second nature to us. It is just who we are and so the store is basically our platform to bring our personal styles and passions to life!

poolside bike1

The back of my favorite shirt <3 and #poolside at a different location. Be sure to follow Poolside Collective on Instagram so you can become as obsessed with them as I am!

&bitches shirt

Lemon Ginger Water

Recently, I’ve been drinking hot water with lemon & fresh ginger every morning. And I love it. And you may love it too. This is what I do if you want to try it.


Boil water!

Use paring knife to peel back the skin of the ginger (it comes off easily).


Slice ginger thinly (but it doesn’t really matter!).


Cut a small lemon in half. Squeeze into large mug.

cut lemons 2

Add ginger slices to the mug (to taste).

I always think more is better. I’ve become mildly obsessed with ginger. Calms your stomach, reduces stress and lemon is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety. Great if you’re trying to fit into something tight later that evening. Or if you’re heading to the beach. Or if you’re really into your well-being. Just positive vibes with the lemon ginger.

Add boiling hot water. Let sit/steep for a few minutes.


Drink! Do this first thing in the morning, the lemon is great to get your day going. .

Enjoy xx

Baby Foot… Beware, Gross BUT SO Good

NOTEThe photos in this are somewhat gross but not that bad. If you are an anti-foot person, why are you reading this in the first place? If you’re the type of person who reads something that says BEWARE and then has to read just to see how weird and gross I really am, then you’re just like me and WELCOME! <3


Baby Foot is a chemical peel for your dry, tired & calloused feet. As the summer is coming to a close, I’m sure your toes and heels have taken quite a beating. Hot sand, being exposed from cute summer footwear, just the typical gnarly feet we all know and love ew, hate. Whether you’re a girl or guy, you’ve got to soften them up and this is the end-all, be-all solution to your main event.

I do NOT recommend searching Baby Foot review in Google images, but now since I told you not to, I know you’re going to. After you see those images, you’re going to be completely grossed out. If you didn’t already dislike feet, you 100% will now.

I’ve been wanting needing to try this product since I saw a review of it awhile ago, and more recently a friend shared her obsession – so here I am, doing the dirty work for you. 😉 and telling you ALL ABOUT IT! 

I’m giving you details to answer all of your likely questions. Day 16 is completed, 2 total weeks + have passed, so I figured it’s time to actually write my review about Baby Foot.

FYI – Footwear all week – flats – sometimes socks & sneakers or flip flops, and lucky for you, I showered every morning.


Labor Day Monday – Applied the treatment in the evening. Literally you put on these plastic “booties” that are like those weird hospital “shoes” they give you to walk around in or something that a pedicure place would put on your feet. The plastic booties are filled with whatever substance is about to work wonders and remove all of your callouses. A small package of tape is included in the box so you can secure the plastic packages to your feet around your ankles. Step into them. Sit down, relax and wait one hour. Your feet will feel exceptionally weird during this time because they’re wet with a gel-like substance.


After removing the booties, be sure to rinse off your feet with soap and water.


Right after treatment, your feet will not look ANY different at all. I was a major skeptic at this point. I also need immediate results from things so I was all, “this stuff doesn’t even work” and “I wonder when I’m going to start peeling? #nervous”


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Friday – Day 5 – Noticeable dryness on my feet and heels and that the cuticles will need to be peeled soon aka this is usually time when I say to myself – get a pedicure ASAP, Ashley!

Saturday afternoon – Day 6– Took off my flats and noticed peeling – like major peeling and major whiteness. By “whiteness,” I mean peeling that will happen v, v soon. Resembling a huge blister but it does not hurt at all like a blister would. And there is skin in my shoes – which is disgusting and I want to vom a little bit. New, freshly exposed skin is feeling soft and looking clean. The older skin is looking white and dirtier and definitely coming off of my feet more and more everyday. I’ve been walking around a lot in ballet flats today so some of the skin has been falling off (I guess my feet have been sweating a bit).

This is kind of gross but mid-way through photos are here.


Sunday – Day 7 since the peel – feet are really peeling. Extremely heavy flow of peeling today! I ran a 5K and did yoga on a warm September day in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Wanderlust festival <3 The amount my feet were peeling while I was doing yoga was making me extremely uncomfortable! Every position where my foot had to leave the mat and lead up into the air I was hoping that nobody was paying attention. Then when I put my foot between my hands for Warrior 1, 2 and removed it, there was extra skin just laying there. Piling up on my mat. EW, actually gross.


Monday – Day 8 – This morning when I woke up, there was a ton of skin at the bottom of the bed – random suggestion:  I would probably wait until all of the skin has peeled off to wash your sheets. But then DEFINITELY wash them because, ew.

The box (which I read thoroughly and carefully) about 17 times – says to not peel the skin – which I obviously disregarded and have been peeling my skin off my feel intently and intensely. Not ripping at it of course, but just trimming, if you will…


Day 15 – The bottoms of my feet are completely clean, no more peeling and they’re soft and really “moist’?

Fantastic. I approve of this. Not sure how often I would do it, but I’d do it again once necessary. I do not recommend doing this 5-7 days before an event where your feet will be in open-toed or exposed in any form of shoe fore that matter.



Those awkward times when you’re feeling extremely uncomfortable in a given situation…..nobody else knows.

Unless you actively show it. So fake it. That doesn’t mean try so hard to fake it, because that becomes noticeable, ya know?  But basically…. nobody else even knows at all because they’re so worried about themselves.

I saw an Instagram post earlier this month from @theskimm that was a perfect example of this and it’s stuck with me for the past few weeks.


Nobody cares if you’re dancing your heart out. If you’re unsure of yourself. Or if you’re so confused in a particular moment. In a sense, in social settings people are less observant now than they ever have been.

Nobody knows you’re uncomfortable but YOU. So just look that uncomfortable feeling in the eye and own it for yourself. You’ll be fine. Uncomfortable is a state of mind and it’s only temporary.

Do you have anything going on in your current life right now that you aren’t loving? It’s only temporary. The things you love, you work hard to keep. The things you don’t approve of, you easily let go of. That being said…temporary feelings, see ya!!

Lolë White Tour

On Wednesday night, we headed to the #LolëWhiteTour, put on by Lolë Women. It was held on The Great Lawn of Central Park in Manhattan and it was a breathtaking, beautiful, inspiring and enlightening experience. Over 10,000 yogis participated and the message of peace was uplifting and so positive. Everyone dressed in white for the color of peace.

Lolë holds events all over the world and this year New York City was one of the chosen places. The white tour is a free event (ticketed lottery style) so really anybody can attend. Upon arrival, 10,000 yoga mats were perfectly lined up in rows surrounding a large stage with mini stages all around the sides. Musical performer Ingrid Michaelson was a special guest. <3

Check out some of my/my friends photos below!





A helicopter above captured some amazing shots of The Great Lawn with all of the yogis – looks awesome, see below.


Cannot wait to participate in upcoming Lolë events!

Trashy Lifestyles Abruptly Stopping Thanks to this Heartfelt Letter

This may sound messed up, and – it is. And I’m not sure if I really care or I’m just writing this statement to make myself seem less judgmental.

Whatever – I feel like part of my calling in life is to teach trashy people from Long Island how to be less trashy. Steps are below. Many of them are directed at women because that’s who I identify with and I usually go too hard on the men, anyway.

1. Wear less eyeliner. I mean this in the proper context, of course. If you’re heading out and eyeliner is a part of your look, great. You’re not the person I’m suggesting change from, but I bet you know exactly who it is that I am talking about.

2. Stop with the excessively gnarly acrylic nails. You’re not Kylie Jenner. Even though I wish you were and her nails don’t even bother me because I love her. It’s another perception thing. I may vomit though, BRB.

3. Don’t wear pajamas in public. Any kind of pajamas. I don’t care if they’re “cute.” Don’t.

4. “You can’t dress trashy til you spend a lot of money.” Even then, still be careful.

Just recently I had a stint at the Bay Shore Mall, where I purchased “ghetto clothes” / “disposable clothing” from a store that I’m now mildly obsessed with called Agachi. I mean, the 3 things I purchased from this store are pure gold. Who has to know that the AMAZING sparkly jelly shoes I’ve been wearing ALL DAMN SUMMER with black pants & tanks /dresses were $12.90? Well now everybody does. But how awesome? I’m dressing a little bit trashy – BUT because I’ve collected a wardrobe that isn’t typically one that’s “trashy,” I feel much more comfortable rocking some trashy chic shit from a ghetto ass store occasionally. Or all summer. Also – it’s way easier to dress a little trashier during summer months.

I digress…

5. Do less. Do MUCH less. Speaking, mostly. STFU, nobody wants to hear you yelling (at your husband – how the F do you even have one?, at your children – again, how/why?, at your pet (feel so bad for that pet), into your mobile device).

6. Politely wait until it’s your turn. Basically, relax people.

7. Wear clothing that generally fits you (not too small, not too huge). Aim for your own size. Thumbs up.

8. Just go ahead and delete your Facebook. Just delete. Inactivate – whatever it is. DO US ALL A HUGE FAVOR, so we don’t have to block you and your heinous social media updates about your “intelligent” thoughts on “controversial topics.”

9. Oversharing Birthing. When you’re pregnant, ladies. Go right ahead and be pregnant. Sharing every moment, every aspect, every sonogram, every month of your girth growth in side by side comparisons – completely fucking unnecessary. I mean, we all get it – as time goes on over the next 9-10 months, YOU WILL GET LARGER. Thank. You. So. Much. For. Sharing. AND DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT SHARING PHOTOS DURING BIRTH. We’ve all seen Knocked Up and don’t care to re-live the scene until we’re going through it ourselves. Enough.

10. Get off your cell phone while driving. I bet know we’re all guilty of this, whether it’s trashy or not. But like… for some reason, whenever I see a person doing this… they’re usually a bit more likely to be trashy than not. And swerving into my lane on the LIE. And driving so slow on a merge.

11. Bumper stickers on your car. Or the little people / family stickers on the back of your minivan window. Just no.

12. Spotting fake bags / discussing fake bags. What the ACTUAL F is anybody still doing with a fake handbag? Do something real. Doesn’t matter the price. Just don’t.

Keep Long Island Beautiful <3