Lolë White Tour

On Wednesday night, we headed to the #LolëWhiteTour, put on by Lolë Women. It was held on The Great Lawn of Central Park in Manhattan and it was a breathtaking, beautiful, inspiring and enlightening experience. Over 10,000 yogis participated and the message of peace was uplifting and so positive. Everyone dressed in white for the color of peace.

Lolë holds events all over the world and this year New York City was one of the chosen places. The white tour is a free event (ticketed lottery style) so really anybody can attend. Upon arrival, 10,000 yoga mats were perfectly lined up in rows surrounding a large stage with mini stages all around the sides. Musical performer Ingrid Michaelson was a special guest. <3

Check out some of my/my friends photos below!





A helicopter above captured some amazing shots of The Great Lawn with all of the yogis – looks awesome, see below.


Cannot wait to participate in upcoming Lolë events!

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