Those awkward times when you’re feeling extremely uncomfortable in a given situation…..nobody else knows.

Unless you actively show it. So fake it. That doesn’t mean try so hard to fake it, because that becomes noticeable, ya know?  But basically…. nobody else even knows at all because they’re so worried about themselves.

I saw an Instagram post earlier this month from @theskimm that was a perfect example of this and it’s stuck with me for the past few weeks.


Nobody cares if you’re dancing your heart out. If you’re unsure of yourself. Or if you’re so confused in a particular moment. In a sense, in social settings people are less observant now than they ever have been.

Nobody knows you’re uncomfortable but YOU. So just look that uncomfortable feeling in the eye and own it for yourself. You’ll be fine. Uncomfortable is a state of mind and it’s only temporary.

Do you have anything going on in your current life right now that you aren’t loving? It’s only temporary. The things you love, you work hard to keep. The things you don’t approve of, you easily let go of. That being said…temporary feelings, see ya!!

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