Baby Foot… Beware, Gross BUT SO Good

NOTEThe photos in this are somewhat gross but not that bad. If you are an anti-foot person, why are you reading this in the first place? If you’re the type of person who reads something that says BEWARE and then has to read just to see how weird and gross I really am, then you’re just like me and WELCOME! <3


Baby Foot is a chemical peel for your dry, tired & calloused feet. As the summer is coming to a close, I’m sure your toes and heels have taken quite a beating. Hot sand, being exposed from cute summer footwear, just the typical gnarly feet we all know and love ew, hate. Whether you’re a girl or guy, you’ve got to soften them up and this is the end-all, be-all solution to your main event.

I do NOT recommend searching Baby Foot review in Google images, but now since I told you not to, I know you’re going to. After you see those images, you’re going to be completely grossed out. If you didn’t already dislike feet, you 100% will now.

I’ve been wanting needing to try this product since I saw a review of it awhile ago, and more recently a friend shared her obsession – so here I am, doing the dirty work for you. 😉 and telling you ALL ABOUT IT! 

I’m giving you details to answer all of your likely questions. Day 16 is completed, 2 total weeks + have passed, so I figured it’s time to actually write my review about Baby Foot.

FYI – Footwear all week – flats – sometimes socks & sneakers or flip flops, and lucky for you, I showered every morning.


Labor Day Monday – Applied the treatment in the evening. Literally you put on these plastic “booties” that are like those weird hospital “shoes” they give you to walk around in or something that a pedicure place would put on your feet. The plastic booties are filled with whatever substance is about to work wonders and remove all of your callouses. A small package of tape is included in the box so you can secure the plastic packages to your feet around your ankles. Step into them. Sit down, relax and wait one hour. Your feet will feel exceptionally weird during this time because they’re wet with a gel-like substance.


After removing the booties, be sure to rinse off your feet with soap and water.


Right after treatment, your feet will not look ANY different at all. I was a major skeptic at this point. I also need immediate results from things so I was all, “this stuff doesn’t even work” and “I wonder when I’m going to start peeling? #nervous”


Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Friday – Day 5 – Noticeable dryness on my feet and heels and that the cuticles will need to be peeled soon aka this is usually time when I say to myself – get a pedicure ASAP, Ashley!

Saturday afternoon – Day 6– Took off my flats and noticed peeling – like major peeling and major whiteness. By “whiteness,” I mean peeling that will happen v, v soon. Resembling a huge blister but it does not hurt at all like a blister would. And there is skin in my shoes – which is disgusting and I want to vom a little bit. New, freshly exposed skin is feeling soft and looking clean. The older skin is looking white and dirtier and definitely coming off of my feet more and more everyday. I’ve been walking around a lot in ballet flats today so some of the skin has been falling off (I guess my feet have been sweating a bit).

This is kind of gross but mid-way through photos are here.


Sunday – Day 7 since the peel – feet are really peeling. Extremely heavy flow of peeling today! I ran a 5K and did yoga on a warm September day in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Wanderlust festival <3 The amount my feet were peeling while I was doing yoga was making me extremely uncomfortable! Every position where my foot had to leave the mat and lead up into the air I was hoping that nobody was paying attention. Then when I put my foot between my hands for Warrior 1, 2 and removed it, there was extra skin just laying there. Piling up on my mat. EW, actually gross.


Monday – Day 8 – This morning when I woke up, there was a ton of skin at the bottom of the bed – random suggestion:  I would probably wait until all of the skin has peeled off to wash your sheets. But then DEFINITELY wash them because, ew.

The box (which I read thoroughly and carefully) about 17 times – says to not peel the skin – which I obviously disregarded and have been peeling my skin off my feel intently and intensely. Not ripping at it of course, but just trimming, if you will…


Day 15 – The bottoms of my feet are completely clean, no more peeling and they’re soft and really “moist’?

Fantastic. I approve of this. Not sure how often I would do it, but I’d do it again once necessary. I do not recommend doing this 5-7 days before an event where your feet will be in open-toed or exposed in any form of shoe fore that matter.


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  1. I used this as soon as I found a place in the states that sold it, and it did everything it promised to do. VERY happy with this, and just bought another one for holiday feet. If you haven’t yet tried this, what are you waiting for???

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