Nothing is Weird

Nothing is weird in NYC.

Everything that’s considered different or weird or against cultural or social norms elsewhere in the USA, is just straight up blasé in NYC.

The strong smell of coffee as you walk down the street. Or urine. Normal.

Is it because there is such diversity here and that everyone is a little bit “different,” that the totally completely weird shit just blends right in?

Don’t even talk to me about the basics. They blend so far in to the scenery that it’s as if they’re invisible.

But that crazy couple you see on the subway, you glance at for a quick sec but then immediately go back to doing whatever you were doing before because:
1. It’s rude to stare and they may actually DO something about it.
2. It’s not actually that out of the ordinary that there are people in NYC that are behaving as strangely as they are.

Leading to my conclusion that nobody here is weird. Everyone has their own style and their own way of life that it’s all “just the way it is.” This is definitely why NYC is so diverse.

I’m still blatantly confused on how and why racism still exists. Especially in New York City. Based on all of the recent riots, police activity, activists and protesters in this city; racism is obviously still evident and relevant. I am at a point why I don’t understand how or why. Like – everyone coexists here – let people with different or opposing beliefs than you have, be. Let them go. Let them be. You don’t have to associate with them if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of living in this beautiful city full of opportunities and growth and change. You can do you and they can do them.

So as I mildly observe that “strange” couple on the subway looking and almost begging for attention, I then immediately briefly glance at my phone and easily look away. Because I’m not phased by them and don’t care enough to make a face at them or really give any facial expression whatsoever. Maybe that’s the rude New Yorker in me. Maybe that’s what this city does to people. Who’s to say, really? Just the thoughts of one random girl taking whatever interesting experiences I can from this lively, diverse and exceptionally weird perfect city we all know and love, NYC.

My Everyday View
My Everyday View

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