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“K-Beauty” or Korean Beauty is a huge part of the beauty movement right now.

Pure, porcelain, clean skin is the ideal image and that’s exactly what I want. No matter the tone, I think that’s what all skin types want. K-beauty offers skincare that cleanses, targets super specific problem areas and protects. Also all about hydration!

So I purchased some chic new beauty products from Glow Recipe because I’ve been hearing so much about how awesome these specific skincare regimes are. #Rubbermasking has been trending and how great it makes your skin feel immediately.


Today on my lunch break (highly productive!), I met with Co-Founder of Glow Recipe, Christine Chang, to hear more about the new Charcoal Rubber Modeling Mask that Lindsay, a skincare brand they carry just launched. We sampled the mask and talked about what type of K skincare I should be using for my combination/oily T-Zone skin. Being that I’m constantly on the search for new products and things that actually work – I’m 100% down with the K beauty kick and I’m not getting off yet!

The Details

The rubbermask comes in a DIY, but ready-to-go Cup-A-Noodles style package. This time I used the Collagen Modeling Mask.


“Just add water,” but literally.


Add a little less than to the line it suggests and start mixing with the provided spatula until it becomes a cake mix-like texture.


Then begin to spread it on your face, THICK. Don’t be afraid, you want to use as much of it as you can – like all of it. Avoid the eye area. And the hair area / eyebrows / and mouth and nose. There are detailed instructions provided so follow them!



Let sit for 15 minutes or so and you’ll see the mask starting to lift at the edges. The thicker you apply, the easier it is to take off! You’ll literally be able to peel the entire mask off in one easy piece if its thick enough. Maybe a few pieces, but hardly any mess at all. After a few minutes, the mask actually turns super cold which I thought was interesting.



Christine said it perfectly, that it’s “very satisfying!” The best part about these masks are that there are many different types! I have another one to try out, can’t wait to continue on with my K-Beauty regime. I left Glow Recipe today with a bunch of samples too, which I can’t wait to try out!

The Price

$6 each – OMG, yes. That inexpensive! Sick!! Glow Recipe offers free shipping with orders over $50, so you should probably do that because who wants to pay for shipping?

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