LinkedIn or Linked WAY Out of Touch…

Receiving emails from LinkedIn is hilarious. It’s like they just bring up the most random person from your past that you’ve totally forgotten about/ DGAF about and send a personalized email about them including their photo. (run-on sentence, but I needed to get it all out – hope you can understand…)

Like Hiiiiiii! Remember that girl from college who’s super successful and is about to: discover the cure / run for Congress next year / get a $50,000 raise? Oh.. her? Yeah she just got a new job and is about to take over the planet! CONGRATULATE HER!!! (Click the link to congratulate her!) Go ahead, do it! You know you want to!

Um… no thanks!

I haven’t seen or spoken to this girl since maaaaybe senior year of college and I’m obligatorily connected to her through different forms of social media because we had classes together and were probably partners on some projects in different classes.

But if I congratulated her on this great new job she just got, it would be:
1. really fucking weird.
2. kind of hysterical for my friends to laugh at.
3. overall very uncomfortable for all parties

So I’m just gonna leave her photo in my “Social” inbox of Gmail for the next few hours minutes until I decide to delete it.

But, thanks for the help LinkedIn! No, really.

Also – thanks for confirming with photos and names (sometimes names – since I don’t have the Pro Version of LinkedIn and I’m not always privy to that information) who is stalking me. If I really care enough and want to know who’s stalking me on LinkedIn I can do a free month trial and then pay a ridiculous amount of money annually or monthly to have the extra special version where I can view my “professional stalkers.”

Great. Much appreciated, LinkedIn!

If you haven’t already, add me on LinkedIn!

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