What Are You Doing?

Happy Holidays Everybody! Busy time of year for most, but hopefully you’re able to treat it as a relaxing time as well. Check out some photos below and see what I’ve been up to.


Nothing like a snapshot of street art on LifeLooksBetterinBlack! Can’t help but be one of those people who stops on the street to take a picture of graffiti artists latest work. But when I do stop to take iPhone photos, I’m always hoping that people aren’t noticing me.


Crock Pot life! Received this as a gift about a month ago and I’ve been using it as much as possible. There’s a million recipes on the website and it’s almost fool-proof. and great for people who get lazy about food but don’t want to always order in.


Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge on a clear, beautiful day back in November. I love this photo.


Schweigiving 2015 – aka Friendsgiving on TGE. Group photo which we cleverly set up on the mantle to make sure everyone got in it. “It’s like the first pancake, they get better as you go along.” This was our second annual and it was significantly better than last year’s! <3


My heavily filtered photo looks sort of blurred on a computer, but I’ll stand by it anyway. <3 This was a really cool and definitely hyped-up exhibit I saw a few weeks ago – “Work No. 2592” by Martin Creed. Essentially a room filled with hundreds of tremendous red balloons. I visited during my lunch break at work, it was in the Lower East Side – and my iPhone died – after I took 1 Snapchat from outside and 4 of the exact same photo from inside. And waited on a super duper long line. But whatever – it was worth it – very cool to see and experience, even without a documented selfie of me and the red balloons. WHICH IS WHAT I REALLY WANTED! 😉

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