Things I’m Into: Feel-Good Edition

Think about things that make you smile today.

This light / neon / crystal image is my new iPhone lock screen background because I really enjoy looking at it. Colors are dope.

Image from Pinterest <3

Next up is a ridiculous Snapchat. Doing things that make you feel pretty. Feel-good things are not always the same as wellness things, but whatever. I got my hair colored yesterday…(great color = really good vibes) however (toxins from hair coloring = bad vibes) but I mean… I haven’t done it in about 1 year and I needed it and I’m making up excuses for myself BUT I just wanted it. And it makes me feel good. And this puppy filter on Snapchat is putting me over the edge– how cute is everyone as a dog? OMG. Plus follow me on Snap if you want a peek of all the weird shit I do on the daily. @ashleybyrdy, hi!


Next up: Thank you. Stop saying sorry if you want to say thank you. I saw this image below on a blog post here and totally had to share it with you guys. Putting good vibes out into the universe with a  positive message instead of a negative one. I’m about this.


Bathing suit season is approaching and I for one am super excited and looking forward to being in a bathing suit and on the beach all summer long. I came across this pretty rad swimsuit website, Cocodune – that allows you to order suits at no charge, have them shipped to your house to try-on and then ship back whatever you don’t want. At no fee. Unless you keep something, then your credit card gets charged. It’s genius, especially if you have no time to swimsuit shop or you’re self conscious about it. Whatever the case may be, I’m trying it out this week so I’ll let you guys know what I think in a later post.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.04.49 PM

Keep it feel-good, guys…keep it feeling really good!

Glossier Phase 2

By now you’ve probably noticed my obsession with all things Glossier. And if you haven’t, I will continue to tell you how rad they are! <3


With much fanfare and hype on social media, Glossier launched Phase 2 of their product base on Monday, March 14th. Their motto is “Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.” The Phase 1 set was completely all about skincare – so following suit, the Phase 2 set is all about makeup!

the floral arrangements at the launch were gorgeous!
The Phase 2 set comes complete with a BoyBrow eyebrow pomade (which had a soft launch last fall) – I’m already overly obsessed with this. It also comes with their “Stretch Concealer” (available in 5 shades to match your skin tone) and “Generation G” lipstick (available in 4 shades). You customize your package and select your brow color, concealer color and lip color – how beautiful is that? Every time you order you can mix up what you want/need – although likely your concealer and brow shade will stay the same.


The Glossier Launch Party was last night at the Penthouse of the Glossier building on Lafayette Street in Soho. All Glossier products were available to touch and try and feel. Every industry gal was exuberant and ready to mingle amongst the makeup with rosé champagne and goodies from Dimes.

The full arsenal of Glossier products <3 
My first Phase 2 order will consist of Boy Brow in Brown / Stretch Concealer in Medium / Generation G in Like. But I also ordered Generation G in Cake. And will also be ordering it in Crush and Jam this week. JK – already ordered everything. Glossier does a great job of showing how their products look on various skin tones – such great information available to shoppers. The lip colors go on like lip balms and they’re sheer and also sort of matte – they dry nicely and it feels like nothing is actually on your lips.

Swatches from
Use my link for 20% off your first order at

Starting March 19th, 2016 the showroom opens for the next 3 weekends in lower Manhattan. Address: 123 Lafayette Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10013. Go, quick, run.


So obsessed with the Glossier mood board that I’m posting two pictures of it. You’re welcome. Shop Glossier here. 



Recently tried out this new-ish app (available in the App store) for women’s health – it’s called Maven. It’s legit very easy to use, basically immediate and super efficient! (things I LOVE – duh). The concept is like going to a urgent care health clinic, except it’s in an app…


I spoke to a nurse practitioner and asked a nutrition question I had about sugar in alcohol – but you can ask them anything at all. Like weird things you don’t want to make a doctor’s appointment for (I took 4x the recommended dose of Vitamin C and can’t stop going to the bathroom)… normal, easy things like (my medication is causing weight gain and I’m concerned). Maven practitioners can prescribe you medicine – like birth control, or if you have a UTI, cold/cough, all the basics of what you’d want and need.

Maven is exactly like going to an “urgent care center” on a Sunday when your doctor’s office isn’t open…except you don’t even have to physically GO! It’s basically FaceTime with a doctor. on YOUR schedule. Your appointment can be over in less than 10 minutes. And there’s no waiting in the waiting room forever. AKA this is awesome! I’m obsessed.

You can get your first appointment for FREE if you use my code: ASHLEYBVIP on the home screen of the Maven app.

So literally Maven does not cost you a thing – they ask you to enter credit card info so if you do like it and continue to book appointments they have a place to bill. If you want to use the service again or continually, the prices are fair and reflective of typical urgent care centers. Takes ultimately no time to book your free appointment using my code – do this while you’re sitting on the couch between commercials, lol.

• Download the Maven app on your iOS device by searching “Maven Clinic” in the app store, or visiting this link.

• Enter code ASHLEYBVIP on the home screen. (This makes your appointment FREE!)

• Book an appointment with one of the practitioners. Ask them any health question you want – it doesn’t have to be complex. Something like: Is my breakfast healthy enough? Should I be taking medication for that? Basically all of the health questions you’ve been asking Google, you can ask an NP or doctor. You can book with any of the NP’s and the appointments last 10 minutes – SUPER EASY. You get one free session with my code!

The lady I met/FaceTime’d with was super nice – her name is Maya Freidman and she was under the “Nutrition & Physiotherapy” area of the app. There are lots of practitioners and they all have their credentials listed on the app, obv. The next appointment I’m planning on setting up is within the Mental Health section with a therapist because I mean#problems. 😉

If you have further questions, definitely direct message me, comment or e-mail. Make sure to use my code for your free first appointment on Maven.

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016

Feeling extremely fortunate to have attended the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2016 fashion show at NYFW this past month. The show was held at the Park Avenue Armory uptown, where the space was recreated into a perfect stark white room to juxtapose the dark, smokey looks that walked the runway.

Working with both Marc Jacobs RTW Collection Design and Production teams at MJ HQ allowed me to literally see first hand how intricate, detailed and beautiful the creative process is. So many long hours of hard work and dedication by so many exceptionally talented people. As they say, “it takes a village.” And this village resides at 72 Spring Street in downtown Manhattan.


The buildup to the show was intense, as all fashion shows are and as any deadline can be. Viewing this season from sketches and ideas to swatches of fabrics and furs; from samples of trim being assembled and buttons hand sewn on to the final pieces that walked the runway was absolutely unreal. Getting a sneak peak of Kendall Jenner on Tuesday and Wednesday night’s in preparation for Thursday’s show was super cool / aka fangirl-ing.

Kendall’s Look – No Peeking!

Check her super cute Vogue NYFW video here:

Lady Gaga totally killed in the MJ show as well – completely unsuspected surprise by basically everyone. See more in the MJ video above. Her look is rad, although she looks pretty crazy in this photo.

One of my favorite jackets / looks was the collabo with Canada Goose – I watched somebody take a perfectly beautiful Canada Goose down jacket and cut it in half… to create the beautiful crop jacket with feathers pictured below on the left. I can’t get over it and I want one ASAP. So like, think of me next Christmas when you’re shopping. And Molly Bair completely SLAYED the final look of the show in the photo below right.


Some more of my favorite looks from the show are:


The show had a gothic yet sweet vibe and everything was dynamically opposed. Oversize, yet barely there. Every model was in sky high platforms that I’m already coveting.


Gracious to have been a part of a truly magical production of Marc Jacobs NYFW 2016. Catch more Marc Jacobs here.