Recently tried out this new-ish app (available in the App store) for women’s health – it’s called Maven. It’s legit very easy to use, basically immediate and super efficient! (things I LOVE – duh). The concept is like going to a urgent care health clinic, except it’s in an app…


I spoke to a nurse practitioner and asked a nutrition question I had about sugar in alcohol – but you can ask them anything at all. Like weird things you don’t want to make a doctor’s appointment for (I took 4x the recommended dose of Vitamin C and can’t stop going to the bathroom)… normal, easy things like (my medication is causing weight gain and I’m concerned). Maven practitioners can prescribe you medicine – like birth control, or if you have a UTI, cold/cough, all the basics of what you’d want and need.

Maven is exactly like going to an “urgent care center” on a Sunday when your doctor’s office isn’t open…except you don’t even have to physically GO! It’s basically FaceTime with a doctor. on YOUR schedule. Your appointment can be over in less than 10 minutes. And there’s no waiting in the waiting room forever. AKA this is awesome! I’m obsessed.

You can get your first appointment for FREE if you use my code: ASHLEYBVIP on the home screen of the Maven app.

So literally Maven does not cost you a thing – they ask you to enter credit card info so if you do like it and continue to book appointments they have a place to bill. If you want to use the service again or continually, the prices are fair and reflective of typical urgent care centers. Takes ultimately no time to book your free appointment using my code – do this while you’re sitting on the couch between commercials, lol.

• Download the Maven app on your iOS device by searching “Maven Clinic” in the app store, or visiting this link.

• Enter code ASHLEYBVIP on the home screen. (This makes your appointment FREE!)

• Book an appointment with one of the practitioners. Ask them any health question you want – it doesn’t have to be complex. Something like: Is my breakfast healthy enough? Should I be taking medication for that? Basically all of the health questions you’ve been asking Google, you can ask an NP or doctor. You can book with any of the NP’s and the appointments last 10 minutes – SUPER EASY. You get one free session with my code!

The lady I met/FaceTime’d with was super nice – her name is Maya Freidman and she was under the “Nutrition & Physiotherapy” area of the app. There are lots of practitioners and they all have their credentials listed on the app, obv. The next appointment I’m planning on setting up is within the Mental Health section with a therapist because I mean#problems. 😉

If you have further questions, definitely direct message me, comment or e-mail. Make sure to use my code for your free first appointment on Maven.

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