The Five-Minute Journal

I’m really into sharing things that are great. It actually drives me crazy when people know about amazing / great things and they keep them a secret so that others can’t know about them aka keep their exclusivity. That’s called being selfish although sometimes it’s pretty damn smart. Whatever, I found something sick that I want to share with you guys.

Another blogger I follow posted about her experience with The Five-Minute Journal here, and I obvi knew I needed to purchase this notebook – ASAP.

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The premise of The Five-Minute Journal is simple – the book explains how to make it work for you most efficiently – little tips like keeping the journal right next to your bed so that you write in it every single day – once in the morning and once in the evening. And even when you’re not in the mood or you’re too tired and maybe even too drunk. And it’s all founded in the pursuit of… you guessed it! HAPPINESS!

The journal is guaranteed to help you reach the status of whatever it is that you’re craving – and we are all craving happiness, right? Right, people? Right. The photo below shows the basic setup of this journal. It’s super simple and takes only 5 minutes in the AM and 5 minutes in the PM.


It’s a fantastic tracker – in the sense that it helps you keep track of and have a reference point for everything in your life – whether it’s what happened, somewhere you went, something you did, how your mood was.


Plus it reminds me of doing worksheets in elementary school – and I love a good worksheet. Filling in the blanks & writing in your own answers keeps your responses creative and thoughtful but not super long. Helps you get to the point quickly.

I’m really into the quotes that are at the top of each page – and quotes in general. That’s the “basic betch” in me – whatev. Just a little bit of insight into my daily life, enjoy!



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