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Evidently, I am head over heels for everything that Glossier puts out into the universe. So no shocker when they surprise-launched via Snapchat 3 new Balm Dotcom flavors that I’m immediately on board with their new delicious lip balms!


The packaging is gorgeous as per usual with Glossier – so beautiful that they even sell their pink Glossier ziploc style bags on their website.

You can never. have. enough. 🙂
Glossier dropped 3 flavors – rose, mint & cherry – and this is what I think about them…

rose balm dotcom


The packaging is pretty and unexpected – I like that the rose is in a similar shade to the typical Glossier pink – but a little more…rose-y! The darker green cap reminds me of a rose stem and whatever I just love it.

The scent of the rose balm dotcom is so delicious – it’s the least fragrant out of all of the scented balms. It doesn’t smell like a fragrant rose or a perfume rose or like your grandmother – it’s sort of sweet. The rose scented balm dotcom immediately brought me back to indulging in rose flavored macarons from Laduree in Paris. aka – heaven. <3

The balm is light pink in color and although it smells delicious, it has no color payoff and does not taste like anything – although smell and taste are so close you almost feel like you’re tasting it.

mint balm dotcom


I love anything and everything in mint – the color, the taste, the freshness of breath like you just brushed your teeth… I even love mint chocolate.. and mint ice cream.. omg list goes on forever. Needless to say, this balm is a winner for me.

Cute packaging with a light blue cap – hard to see in this picture but you can see it better in above photos. The mint scent AND flavor is one of my favorites – Glossier added menthol to this balm and it just works so well. The mint is sort of a sweet mint – it’s more wintermint/spearmint than peppermint… I guess – it would be a green bag of mints as opposed to a blue bag of mints. Does that make sense? No? Okay, sorry. #IAintSorry (BEY!)

No color payoff and it comes out of the tube clear. Not recommended for eating even though you’re going to want to…

cherry balm dotcom


Talk about a #TBT! Wow – this literally brings me back to the 6th grade when collecting flavored Smackers lip balms was a thing… it was a thing for me. I would always get them as “stocking stuffers” during Christmas and Smacker’s always came out with the raddest flavors and did tons of collaborations with flavors – I remember having a Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, and a really sick Watermelon flavor that I was obsessed with. And I’m pretty sure they all had adorably cute names…

The cherry balm dotcom is an elevated and much more chic adult version of your Smacker’s lip balm. Speaking of Smacker’s…. lip balm obviously isn’t just for pre-pubescent teens – it’s for everyone!!!! No matter your age, this lip balm slightly tints your lips to a really beautiful shade of red. No, it’s not a dark red, and no you really can’t mess it up like other red products you put on your lips. You will literally be moisturizing the shit out of your lips, while having a beautiful red color payoff from the tint. People will definitely ask you what you’re wearing on your lips and you can gloat and say Glossier BDC!

Image from Morgenstern’s IG
Glossier launched at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream in East Village and are giving away a matching flavored balm wiht the purchase of the collaboration push pop flavor to the first 20 customers every day from May 8 – 31st! How rad!! Get there if you’re in NYC to snag a sweet freebie!


And another Snapchat filter – cannot get enough!

Also guys – if you click through to purchase Glossier with any of my links you’ll get 20% off your first order – which is BALM dotcom if I do say so myself! And free shipping over $30, also BALM! so do that!

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