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Glossier launched a new product – it’s a dew effect highlighter. It’s perfect for summer. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since I received my overnight shipment last week. It’s basically the best thing since matte lipsticks came out (lookin’ at you Kylie). Anyway, this product is the exact opposite of matte. Even though I hate the word, it’s totally moist (ew, sorry) and leaves the most beautiful bit of brightness on your skin.

Photo from Glossier.
The highlighter is called Haloscope and it comes in two shades! Quartz is a pinkish, pearl color and Topaz is a sun-kissed golden so you can be a bronzed goddess. Super low-maintenance vibes and easy to apply with a simple swipe and dabbing it in with your fingers. It’s packaged as a stick which makes it great for the grab & go lifestyle. Step by step directions for places to highlight are noted in the photo below, courtesy of Glossier.


The oil-infused core is full of hydrating skincare ingredients, while its outer ring contains those crystal pigments that give skin a dewy effect. Highlighters have scared me in the past because I don’t want to look shiny. Glossier’s Halosope is way difffffff  and is much more natural looking. It gives a “wet” look that appears organic and as if it’s supposed to be there instead of like you’re in dire need of face wash.


I recommend both shades. I’ve used both, I like both and I don’t even have a favorite (and I always have favorites). You can either pick one to use or you can use both together. You can teach yourself to contour by highlighting – I don’t really know or care if this is what’s referred to as strobing, but if it is then it’s easier than it sounds. Swipe Quartz on top of your cheekbones like noted in the photograph above and then swipe Topaz right underneath. Swipe, swipe, check. (Similar to Tinder…lolz). The highlight contour gives you a skinny cheekbone that’s young, fresh, low maintenance and takes a fraction of the time of putting any real work into your makeup routine. WIN / WIN –  got that summertime sadness happiness! And if you’re really pale it gives you a bronzed cheek without actually applying bronzer or blush. Lastly, it isn’t orangey at all. All of the girls in the #GlossierSlackPack love it, even on super light skin tones. Trust. Slack Pack rules all.

Glossier screams #LazyGirlChic!

Summertime calls for lazy girl makeup. Plus your skin is usually more tan and you’re spending more time outside and likely require less makeup. Glossier provides the best options for lazy girl makeup because it’s simple, it’s easy, and it looks so much better than anything else!!!

Also skin usually clears up a little bit more in the summer (not sure if that’s really true… but I believe in it). And if you read it on the internet, it must be true. Could also be that I’m psycho, whatever. Def recommend Haloscope by Glossier – both colors, you won’t regret it. Check Glossier’s IG for a million amazing photos of Haloscope on different people.

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