Everybody Likes a Food Reco…

Since I’ve moved to Montauk, one of my first and foremost (also fattest) goals has been to eat at every single restaurant and drink at every single bar in Montauk. Can’t help it. When I set my mind to something, I must complete it (or at the minimum give it a good old-fashioned TRY!).

Some places I’ve hit up so far are below. And if I didn’t photograph at least one thing there, it didn’t happen. Promise.

Breaking the aforementioned rules already, because the first photo is of a restaurant that isn’t even in Montauk…whatever. Dopo La Spiaggia is located in Sag Harbor. It’s high quality Italian food – it’s amazingly delicious – hand prepared pastas and delicious, fresh seafood. Drinks are delicious as well. Great outdoor scene-y patio seating and string-light ambiance. Great for date night, but be prepared to pay for whatever you’re ordering. Highly recommend.


6 Bay Street, Sag Harbor, NY

Montauk Farmer’s Market is on Thursday’s from 9:00AM – 2:00PM and located On The Green in the heart of Montauk. Lots of vendors display fresh produce, freshly prepared foods and samplings of whatever it is they’re selling. The fruit and veggies from Bhumi Farms, Balsam Farms and Amber Waves Farm are amazing. Great place to stop. Be sure to check out “The Glowing Tent” for Monbrewcha Kombucha and bliss balls (also available in other spots around town).



On The Green, Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY

Next up is Lunch / Lobster Roll Restaurant. It’s a Montauk classic (even though it’s technically in Amagansett / Napeague on the stretch) but it’s like something you need to eat when you come out this way. And take a picture in front of their LUNCH sign because “being basic” is what we all like to do nowadays. They were out of their Hot Lobster Roll (made with butter not mayo) when I went. Very sad, but it’s the only reason why I got the Maine lobster roll (cold salad with mayo). Still very good, not the same… I did hear that the hot lobster was back though so maybe give it a whirl.



1980 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, NY 11930

668 The Gig Shack is a favorite spot for both food and drinks. Extremely chill vibes, frequent live music, it’s right in the heart of the town on Montauk HWY and it’s the type of spot where you always run into someone you know (but in a good way…)! This is a picture of their empanadas, which actually wouldn’t be my #1 reco. The inside was a little dry – def needed the chipotle aioli on each bite, but the slaw was delicious. I do highly recommend the sea scallops, fish tacos, and burger! (Obviously come here too often).


782 Main St, Montauk, NY 11954

The Hideaway is bae. Literally it’s a hideaway and I’m obsessed with coming here for really great Mexican / BBQ / Seafood in Montauk. It’s located in Diamond Cove Marina on the north side of town and you wouldn’t recognize it right off the street (I would try to give you directions, but I suck at that and I’m always lost so… sorry). The Mexican corn at Hideaway is AMAZING. The nachos are tremendous – heaping with all of the toppings (share with 4 people and still have leftovers) style. Burritos are also great – I recommend the chicken but get the spicy chicken that I can’t remember the name of…(oops, again). If you order it as “spicy chicken,” they’ll catch your drift. LOLZ at my Spanglish on Snapchat below.


364 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954

Finally tried Inlet Seafood for the first time this weekend after multiple suggestions and recommendations. Pictured below is scallop sashimi, YUM. We ordered the Fluke Picatta and Pan Seared Sea Scallops – they come in large portions, everything was delicious, the server was amazing and knowledgable and I want to go back again soon. Also a great spot for watching a gorgeous sunset over the inlet. Also a great photo spot for candy clouds after the sunset for all the Instagram junkies.


541 E Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954

La Fondita is a delish little Mexican take-out place I recently tried. It’s “order at the window and find a table” style. They’ll call your number. Corn tortilla tacos are tiny but mighty and the camarones with avocado pictured below were pretty good. I’d get them again. The salsas were what made them really taste awesome – very fresh and several homemade varieties. Def a great place to stop in while you’re passing through town.


74 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, NY 11930

Stay tuned for more tidbits of food info from the east end in coming weeks. <3


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