The Supers! *NEW* glossier

Being a friend of Glossier is always a good thing. Always. A group of us were invited to test out and pre-launch the 3 new Glossier serums, named “The Supers.” They are legitimately 100% super. The theory behind the 3 different types of serums are that real people don’t have just one “skin type” or skin concern. Sometimes you’re skin is dry, sometimes dull, sometimes red – and the different serums give you the opportunity to work with different products/ingredients for those different concerns. :: intrigued :: 


$28 each or $65 for all 3 serums

Packaging is beautiful – 100% on point, per usual Glossier standards – v v, clean.


These serums are great for combination skin – AKA me. AKA EVERYONE.

Super Bounce – hyaluronic acid & vitamin b5 serum – for tight, rough skin. I put this under eyes and above my lips. Great for hangovers and long flights when you need a little extra moisture and soft skin. It’s a bit more rich / creamy and has tightening properties.

Super Glow – vitamin C and magnesium serum – to brighten & energize dull, tired skin. Will be experimenting with this more in weeks to come. I’ve started putting this on my cheeks and forehead more over the past few days and it makes my skin look and feel brighter.

Super Pure – niacinamide & zinc serum – for calming breakout-prone skin & redness. I love this one! Very liquidy, almost like water but smoother. I put this all over my chin since that’s where I’ve been breaking out lately. Ingredients are great for healing & anti inflammation.

They are designed to be used together for combination skin – which is everyone. I use the super pure on my chin, glow everywhere, and bounce on my cheeks and around the eyes. Glow I’ve used all over.


Available September 12

They work. I’ve already noticed a difference in my skin. I’ve never used serums before (which could be why) but I’m loving the way my skin looks and feels over the past few days.

And here are The Supers in a freaking tree, so they must be magical.


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